Principal Ursula Annio

P.S. 748 Brooklyn School for Global Scholars

Grades: K-5

1664 Benson Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11214


  1. Your dreams go here to die. Once you are sucked into this school you are left with a few choices. You can become as miserable as Ms. Annio, and spend your days sabotaging your co workers, you can pretend to be as miserable as Ms. Annio and kinda sabotage your co workers, or you can hope to get hit by a train.

    No matter what you decide, you will ultimately have your “turn” to be hazed by her and Ms. Guido. Best case, If you are lucky enough, you won’t see the train coming.

  2. The worst experience of my career. I was lucky to get out because most people don’t by choice. Ms. Annio and Ms. Guido (AP) are incapable of being good administrators. They are the “gotcha” type of administrators and when they can’t find anything, they will make it up. They are unprofessional and speak to their staff as if they are beneath them. No support here and a horrible work environment to walk into daily.

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