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UFT Solidarity doesn’t wait for the outcome of an election to bring positive change. We signed a Memorandum of Support for the NY Healthy Workplace Bill, and intend to do just that, support the bill to fight workplace bullying. That is in addition to our many other initiatives.

On Monday February 8, 2016, about 30 of our members will head up to Albany and meet with our legislatures to convince them to support the bill. We did not stop there though. We decided to call upon the strength and resources of the UFT. On Wednesday February 3, 2016, UFT Solidarity candidate for UFT Executive Board for High Schools, and Union Democracy committee chair, Quinn Zannoni stood up at the UFT Delegate Assembly to raise this resolution for next month’s agenda:

WHEREAS, workplace bullying is a real issue our members face; and

WHEREAS, workplace bullying can negatively affect UFT members’ productivity, work atmosphere, health and lives; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the UFT will use its resources to support the passing of the NY Healthy Workplace Bill S6438/A3250 that would give a victim a cause of action against harassment at work. 

It was the first resolution to be raised by our caucus. The response from the UFT Leadership was to review the actual bill with UFT legal, before bringing it before the body for a vote in March.

The bill can be found by searching online or this link here (NYHW).

We are in contact with UFT personnel and will keep you abreast of our progress. In the meantime, we are getting ready for our Albany trip. It is not too late to join us, but you have to fill out this form. Our day is packed with visiting many politicians and we can use all the supporters we can with us. http://tinyurl.com/lobbyfeb8



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  1. My Samuel Pagan, and I have been a UFT union member for ten years and I was suspended on Feb. 4, 2016, based on a notification of an allegation of misconduct. I was handed an envelope by my principal after school hours. At time: 3:00 pm my chapter leader had already left the building. I had arrived at his office early and I had to wait for him after he had seen me sitting waiting for him. I arrived at the office at 2:38 pm. Earlier that day I was asked by the secretary to see the principal at 2:40 pm, whcih is 20 min. after everyone is dismissed for the day. I do not know why I was suspended. I believe I was suspended because I was reporting child safety and welfare concerns to state agencies and the under reporting of incidents by administrator through incident reports and parent notifications.

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