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In an effort to help those without permanent placement (ATRs), discontinued teachers and others find NYC DOE openings, UFT Solidarity is sharing this updated list of vacancies.

Here are files that show updated vacancies across the 5 boroughs (CLICK HERE) 

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  1. Thanks Francesco great job
    If anyone wants to work on Queens IS 238
    Not a good looking school parking bad but fantastic staff make it worth while
    ISPS 208 a new building open door policy for student – spoiled. Staff not good they run to. Administration

  2. Thanks for the info. Solidarity fights for all teachers and helps all teachers, no discrimination between tenured and non-tenured.

  3. Claire Scesney Lundahl

    Thank you for this information.

  4. Lauren Giaramita

    Hi, I am interested
    Looking for a full time job

  5. Susanne Rodriguez

    Are there any openings for transferring district 75para professionals in Staten Island? I really need to transfer do to hardship, I live in Staten Island but work in Brooklyn. I need to work closer to home for my kids. Hope someone can help me

  6. You are like a one-man army of information, Francesco! It was great to see you “in person” at the MORE Conference…keep up the amazing work!

    ps Take a look at The Chief 10/30/15 issue- a letter from Ron Isaac about the UFT’s endless virtues will crack you up! Esp the part about “no coersion to join COPE”….!

  7. Seeking an Administrative Position. I am professionally certified in SBL and SDL. I completed SBDL as well. I hold teacher certifications in the following areas: TESOL K-12 (ENL), Elementary Multi-Subject 1-6 and Literacy B-6. My main goal is to land a position as Director of ENL. I have FLES (Spanish) and I am fluent in Italian, Turkish and Spanish. I have experience with Special Education from being employed in a Special Act School and Homeland Security Detainee Program.

  8. Looking for an ESL per session position at OACE – or any other adult education venues.
    Ready to sub in Queens and Manhattan. Hold a valid
    NY State TESOL and French license. Many years of experience teaching adults.
    Experienced, flexible, responsible, organized.

  9. I am looking for a special education position. I hold a Provisional Special Education License, and have experience as a teacher of Special Ed for the past 12 or more years. I have sent my application to many of the advertised positions, but to no avail

  10. I am looking for an ELA position in any of the five boroughs. I am a thirteen year teacher with the board of education and I am qualified to teach middle and high school. I tried to receive a tranfer from my present school during the summer with no success. I am a team player and always well prepared for class

  11. Update school vacancies? 2018? Thanks

  12. Margaret Regan Siegrist and her daughter Molly E. Siegrist

    Could you please find the time to update the school vacancies for September 2019/2020 school year. I have been a member of the UFT I am currently entering into my 41st year of high school teaching. My daughter has just graduated from Manhattan College’s Honor program for acquiring her Masters Degree in Special Education and holds a license to teach elementary school grades 1-6.

    These graduates want to teach. They have been exposed to a variety of teaching environments: long term subbing including in areas they are not currently certified in to working with children who are autistic, posses such syndromes such as Angelman’s to Prader-Willi or those with physical attributes such as cerebral palsy to brain damage due to severe accidents (at the hospital schools).

    The events that the UFT and the DOE have held have been a profound source to relieve anxiety due to the lack of lists for positions in the NYCity school system. Many of them are carrying tremendous debt due to student loans since the ultimate goal in teaching is to earn certification.

    I thank you for all that the UFT has done for the teaching career.

  13. I’m totally confused. No NYC DOE School will hire a discontinued teacher. I found an AP and Principal that loved me and hired me and the next day their Controller said no and that was the end of that. Job off Thursday, showed my class and asked to set it up etc… Next afternoon, taken away. What’s the point of even looking at DOE schools if you’re discontinued. It’s like you have leprosy. The reason doesn’t even matter.
    And when I looked into that article 78 stuff I was told it’d cost 10k and it’s basically near impossible to succeed. I taught middle school English for the past two years and this year 6/30/19 I was discontinued and told I could work in a different district. Then when I’ve interviewed it goes well I mention I’m discontinued at the end and they tell me they wish me the best of luck. Rinse and repeat.

  14. Can you please post vacancies for the current year? We’re now in 2019-2020.

  15. I’m looking for a paraprofessional full-time job with District 75 in the Borough of Manhattan or Brooklyn. Please notify me if something emerges.

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