Wilma Velazquez

Wilma Velazquez


  1. Hi Wilma,

    My name is Dita and I attended your Maternity leave workshop on Thursday the 16th . I did not have the chance to get your email that’s why I’m reaching you this way. I am due in a couple of days and my question was can I take the 6 weeks paid leave and than another 6 weeks unpaid with still benefits? I only have 5 CAR days. Please let me know. I appreciate your help and understanding.


  2. Arina Domantovskaya

    Hi Wilma,

    I was also at the parental leave workshop on the 16th. I have not been at the DOE for at least a year, so I do not qualify for paid parental leave. Please email/ call me so that we can discuss my options. Thank you so much!!

    917 660 5417

  3. Good evening,

    I was also at the Maternity workshop on the 16th and have not received an email from you yet so I wanted to make sure I left the correct information. Thanks!

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