Ellen Driesen

Ellen Driesen


  1. Ellen is on the side of the principals. While she is supposed to support you and help you she is busy planning and showing principals how to screw you. She does very little to nothing to help teachers. I have tried to contact her many times with no response. She doesn’t have time for you or your problems. She is very busy collecting a paycheck for doing absolutely nothing. I think it’s time to retire her and actually get someone who will fight for you in District 20.

  2. Teresa mayer delpozo

    Teresa Mayer I don’t want my chapter leader representing me on mon 1:40 the 2/10 if you can contact me at 7187022738. It’s urgent

  3. Jolynn M. Johnson

    I’m working well beyond what my Masters degree is in. What my license states I am. I am not receiving over-time pay for all the extra hours I’m putting into my online learning platform that consisted of no PD by the UFT. The governor and mayor stood in front of the public on March 13, 2020 and devalued my role as an educator to the simple job as a babysitter. Now I will be forced to lose my spring break because he said so. I’m also continuing to be a mom and wife through all this. I’m a guidance counselor and tech support to my 30 students and their parents. So I haven’t earned a break to continue planning during this time of unknown. I’m not getting paid extra, just told I need to do my part through this all. So no extra pay, lose of holiday days, extra stress and anxiety. Why would anyone want to be a teacher? I’m tired of being treated this way by our mayor and governor. I’m a very educated individual and I would like to be treated as so and not compared to the role of a babysitter. This is not okay!

  4. Jolynn M. Johnson

    When do we stop being referred to as a babysitter by both the mayor and governor? They stood in front of the cameras on March 13th and declared all teachers babysitters to watch all the essential workers children. My job as an educator is important too! Please stop demeaning the profession I choose. Stop down playing the role I play in children’s lives every year. Stop thinking of my career as one of a babysitter while the real people go to work and earn the real money. I’m not a babysitter, I’m an educator!

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