Alice Cooper-Jackson

Alice Cooper-Jackson


  1. I’m still waiting for Ms. Cooper-Jackson to email me back– from 12/12/12.

    She’s busy

  2. Alice Cooper Jackson doesn’t seem to respond to emails. I don’t trust her, anyway. The Bronx UFT and Jackson both like to give the classic run-around.

  3. I have called Alice Cooper Jackson at the UFT office several times in the past week and have left messages with my phone number in her voice mail and have not recieved a return call. My message was to request her appearence at a meeting with my principal at PS/MS 89, with regards to a “meeting” with regard to my suspension based on alligations of misconduct. She has not returned my calls to at leat say that she will be there. The meeting is on Monday March 28, 2016.

  4. She’s the worst. She doesn’t do her job. I don’t know why I pay union dues. She favors the principals. She doesn’t fight for you at all. Lazy.

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