How to File a Grievance

File a Grievance

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If you believe there has been a contractual violation you, as a UFT member, can grieve that violation for a remedy.

For example: If you were forced to teach classes during your lunch period, you can grieve and receive back pack pay for your time working during your “duty-free” lunch period.

A grievance is a 3 step system:

Step 1 Grievance is to your principal (or whoever has decision making power for that potential violation). YOU ONLY HAVE 30 DAYS TO FILE FROM THE TIME YOU BECAME AWARE OF THEE ISSUE.This part is usually filed by your chapter leader, but you can do it yourself, if for some reason your chapter leader refuses. We have actually heard too many stories where the CL is either too scared or “in the pocket” of the principal. For this reason we have created this page. THEY HAVE 5 SCHOOL DAYS TO RESPOND.

Step 2 Grievance is to the Chancellor’s Representative at the 6th floor of 49-51 Chambers Street in Manhattan. If Step 1 is denied it goes to Step 2. That is the Office of Labor Relations and it is an absolute kangaroo court. Meaning the same people who Bloomberg/Klein put in to deny grievances at a rate of 98% are the same people Chancellor Farina has left in. The top two being David Brodsky and Karen Solimando. The UFT Borough office can decide to not take case to Step 2 if they feel it does not have merit to win. You, as a member, can appeal to UFT Grievance department at 52 Broadway. THEY HAVE 20 SCHOOL DAYS TO RESPOND.

Step 3 Grievance (Arbitration) is the last step if it is denied at Step 2. This grievance is decided by an independent arbitrator and lawyers from both sides are involved. The contract states that the UFT can only take certain number of grievances to arbitration a year. THEY HAVE 30 DAYS TO RESPOND.

The process is long, but necessary, EVEN IF YOU FEEL YOU WILL LOSE. Grieve regardless if you feel there is a violation. We hear countless stories that show retaliation after a grievance, but do not let that deter you as there have been many lawsuits won where the paper trail shows this retaliation due to your union activity. Do not stay quiet..Fight for your rights. See PERB complaints How to file a PERB Complaint with Public Employee Relations Board

Without further ado here is a link to your Step 1 form. Fill out and make a copy. Send one to principal and another to your district rep. You can also give one to your chapter leader for their records.

You can also read Article 22 with more information about grievances. (CLICK HERE)

Step 1 Thumbnail

Under Articles Violated, use one or more from this list:


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  2. I am more out to get expose the aadtnistrmiion of my school than looking to jam the UFT. Knowing me I will have to rescind my claim of gonad kicking when I find out what really happened. Yes there are times the UFT pisses me off. But what I find more alarming is the unfettered power administrators have.

  3. I’d venture that this article has saved me more time than any other.

  4. That kind of thinking shows you’re on top of your game

  5. Hello good night. I went to check my file in june 19 2017, and it was pretty accurate. It had my observations and what i chose to be observed ( i picked formal observation). I checked my file on friday oct 20th 2017, and it was stuffed with so much material that i didnt sign for. What can i do?

  6. If you win a salary grievance at step 2 how long to be paid the retroactive? Is there a time frame for a check to be issued?

  7. Need help with Grievance matters.
    1. Rating Officer puts a letter into file…and does not notify
    Teacher…what to do?
    2. Rating Officer claims Teacher did not sign Letter in file…but Teacher was never informed of letter in file?
    3. For how many years can a letter remain in file…and later be used in disciplinary actions?
    4. How does Rating Officer prove Teacher refused to sign letter in file?
    5. Is Teacher entitled to union representation when Rating Officer requests to talk about letter in file that may be used for disciplinary matters?
    6. DOE refuses to verify Rating Officers credentials? What to do?

  8. In cases where Rating Officer claims…Grievant refused to sign a letter…..

    Is it then incumbent upon the Rating Officer to generate a subsequent letter….claiming Insubordination in a Teacher’s refusal to sign a letter….

    If the Rating Officer neglects to do this…..can the first letter still be used? Even if Teachers asserts Rating Officer AND UFT denied representation?

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