Resolution Rejecting Remote Teaching Amendments to APPR

Resolution Rejecting Remote Teaching Amendments to APPR

By Quinn Zannoni and John Lawhead, UFT Solidarity Council

WHEREAS, principals across the NYC DOE have been sharing amongst themselves a newly released Danielson Group framework for Remote Teaching; and

WHEREAS, The Danielson Framework for Remote Teaching is not on NYSED’s list of Approved Teacher Practice Rubrics for New york State; and

WHEREAS, there is no sound basis for using any remote teaching evaluation framework, as there are no proven, research-based “best practices” for the experimental remote learning modality which has been under development and in operation for less than one full school year; and

WHEREAS, the City has adopted a remote teaching modality as a temporary emergency response measure and has no contractual approval to continue with the practice beyond the limited scope of a pilot program teaching high school AP and foreign language classes; and    

WHEREAS, under the extenuating circumstances of a pandemic, adding an arbitrary, untested framework/rubric to an already confusing mix of ever-changing DOE directives regarding online schooling will do nothing but cause confusion and add stress for all stakeholders; and,

WHEREAS, most building administrators have no experience in teaching or evaluating teaching in an online setting:

RESOLVED, we urge that the UFT reject any framework or rubric that purports to measure teacher effectiveness in a remote setting.

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