NYCDOE has a reopening plan – We have questions! LOTS AND LOTS of QUESTIONS!!!!!

***** BIG QUESTION: Here in NYC, We are not truly in Phase 4. It is more like Phase 2.5. There is still no indoor dining, no malls open, no museums, etc. HOW can we justify opening schools if we can’t go out to eat in a restaurant, or to go see a movie….both of which are around a 2 hr time frame. This needs to be addressed asap. How can schools open when we are not truly in Phase 4????

1. For most teachers….we do not live within NYC. Most come from Long Island, CT, NJ, Upstate. The childcare plan is only for NYC families. What is the plan for those teachers? Will there be something arranged for us? Or will we be able to utilize the NYC childcare program?

2. Can schools separate the gen ed and SpEd teachers? My school had a proposal that we would be separated but doesn’t that go against federal mandate for a CTT setting?

3. Currently, I am a classroom teacher mentor. I would like to know if I will still be mentoring in the multiple different schools? Or will I have to be in the classroom again, either remotely or in person?

4. Who is teaching the children remotely? What will happen when a student comes to school not on their assigned day? When will teachers have lunch?

5. We need some clarification on the use of CAR days. If we have symptoms, and get tested, and we self quarantine under Dr.’s orders….then the test comes back NEGATIVE. Will those days be taken out of our CAR or do we NOT lose the CAR days bc it was suspected to be COVID?

6. If in person is absent, will we need to bring a note to prove it is NOT COVID related? Same for students….if they are absent….will they require a note to prove it is NOT Covid?

7. If a teacher is absent, what happens to their class? For “in person” will there be subs to cover? Or will the kids be split amongst the other classes (which would put us out of compliance of the CDC guidelines)? What about the remote teacher being absent? Will someone cover their class for the day?

8. Are there discussions on accommodations for immune compromised family members or infants (no immunities) at home? Especially for those who don’t themselves qualify for medical accommodations.

9. If school counselors are in the building and have several mandated students (IEP) how will we be able to schedule them if they have several services and are only in the building 1-2 days a week?

10. If students decide to go fully remote and counselors are in the building who is responsible for the mandated remote counseling?

11. Since many if our (counselors) offices are the size of a shoe box how will we meet with students when social distancing will not be possible and I am pretty sure other spaces will be utilized for classes?

12. How will observations happen? How will students arrive and dismiss? Who do we report to if schools aren’t following protocols?

13. Do students have to say they have covid if diagnosed?

14. Will young children (3k and Pre-k) be required to wear masks if they don’t have medical issues that prevent this? What happens if parents don’t want their young child to wear a mask?

15. If there are 3 different cohorts/groups. Group A in person mon and Tues. Group B in person wed and thurs. Reverse on other days. Group C is full remote everyday. You would technically need 3 teachers. There are 2 different types of remote teachers. One that collaborates with the in person group and one that works with the full remote students. Any teacher doing full remote would still need to be replaced in their building. Where are they coming from?

16. What about lunch? For teachers? For students? It was mentioned that the students would be eating in the classroom. However, that means they will have to take off their masks. That is an extreme safety issue. For teachers, if the students are eating in the classroom, where do Teachers eat? Our teachers lounge is not big enough to socially distance, and will probably be taken over for a classroom.

16 Part 2. Assuming it would be bag lunch, how do we protect kids with peanut allergies in a small room surrounded by kids eating peanut butter? What about gym, music, art? When would those be? If they’re in the classroom, where would we go since that changes the number of people?

17. What type of engagement and outreach is being done to get the parents to understand what the mask wearing and social distancing really means? Will there be a media campaign showing what school will look like so parents will understand what their children need to do and why? Also, will we be provided with PPE for kids who show up with no masks?

18. What is happening with ICT classes? With a cohort of 10 kids (because according to the IEPs, we need 2 in person teachers), will it be a 60/40 split with two teachers in the room?

19. What about hazard pay for teachers? At this rate, we would be considered essential workers, so its only fair that if it is being sought for healthcare workers and first responders?

20. What kind of procedures will be in place when a staff member or student test positive? Will anyone who had contact have to isolate? Will we have to use days? Will the school be closed for cleaning?

21. Knowing that parents will give a fever reducer in the am in order for students to be able to attend school, we need a clear definition of what sick is. Chancellor’s regulations need to change prior to this however now there needs to be a clear-cut guidelines….is that in the works?

22. What will happen when a kid refuses to wear a mask? Does he get sent home?

23. Is there any truth to the rumors that cameras will be set up in classrooms so students that are home working remotely can participate in lessons? Can we please have a definition of remote? For example, it was mentioned that it would not be a regular school day. Will we be required to do live teaching all day? What will happen if a student doesn’t log in during the school hours? For example, someone whose parents are working and can only help their child in the evening.

24. How will SETSS teacher work if we go back to school since they took our room away from us and if each class has 10 people including teacher and two of my inclusion students and their Para how will I be able to go into classes and push in?

25. What are the rules in terms of quarantining after exposure? Let’s say a students parent has it? Or I as the teacher test positive or a cluster teacher that comes into the class tests positive. Do we all stay home, students and teachers? Will staff have days deducted from their car if sick or quarantined?

26. With all the need for both in person and remote teachers, can admin be asked to collapse classes? We have smallish class sizes and very small cla

27. How will PD, OPW & Parent Engagement look for Live and remote teachers? Will the times still be Monday/Tuesday after school?

28. Mulgrew stated that you would either be responsible for in person OR remote. Which teacher will be responsible for supplying grades? Who does the lesson planning? How will the complaining work with one teacher IN SCHOOL and the other one remote?

29. How will related services be delivered? Especially with these rotating schedules? Some providers are split between multiple sites. My school is currently entertaining a 6 week rotating schedule. Can you explain the procedure and what the protocols would be? (Too much exposure going to all those schools)

30. If we aren’t all using the same online platform, how do our students learn from a different teacher that MAY BE in a different school?

31. Will classroom paras be allowed to be in the classroom and if they are does that cut down the number of students that can be in the classroom?

32. Can the students do grab and go lunches at the end of their 4 period learning day? Then we won’t need to take off masks and eat in the classroom.

33. When planning to be in school please, don’t forget the related service providers, like myself, who travel to three or more schools a day in order to provide services to students. Also, the fact that we don’t have places to work in already. We usually use speech rooms or whatever is open/available at the moment. Also, due to exposure, will we be cut down to one school to be in person, and perhaps the others remotely? Please let me know how the service providers will provide their services within the day.

34. Will the children of teachers receive any priority in the “daycare” plan?

35.When is the DOE calendar due to be out? When is our return date? What is the length of the school day? Seems like a lot to have to do before Sept 10.

36. Will we be expected to participate in in-person staff meetings? (Like whole staff)

37. How are classroom switches happening on the MS/HS level? Are teachers going to be traveling to all the classrooms? Or are the students switching? Either way….{thats a lot of exposure}

38. If the governor is requiring that the daily infection rate be below 5%, will that be decided by borough? Neighborhood? Many schools are in neighborhoods with daily infection rates far higher than 5% therefore making those schools far less safe when it comes to possible covid transmission.

39. Are students going to be provided with devices in the classroom so we can avoid handling papers? (High school level). Will all students in all grades be provided with devices to bring back and forth to school? If we can’t use the classroom library in elementary we need books online and websites.

40. What will the discipline guidelines be for students that use COVID and masks as weapons/threats, and who will be enforcing that?

41. Teachers who apply and are approved to work remotely…will they be solely attached to their school and assigned class on the reorganization sheet? Will they be labeled “district teachers” and forced to work with children from other schools? There has not been one straight answer about this and there is a lot of confusion.

How many days a week will teachers be required to be in the building if we go back with a blended model?

42. Will out of classroom teachers be able to teach their subjects or are they being asked to teach R, W, and Math?

43. Will students who come to register from other states ( on the quarantine list) be asked to quarantine for 14 days before being admitted or were just taking their word for it that they have??

44. Follow up to #43… are they just allowed to be taught in person or will they have to wait until the school reopens for all students to except in person learning again?

45. What happens if your whole class chooses to be taught remotely, but you are the teacher in the building?

46. What is being planned in regards to bussing? Are there any plans for mask wearing and socially distancing on school buses? Are there additional buses to maintain proper distancing?

47. Can teachers just be assigned 10-11 students five days per week. I know space will be factor, but NYC is willing to pay for daycare, but can we use the space?

48. What is the protocol for closing/quarantining after known positives and exposure?

We lost 70+ UFT members due to being open too long in March. What will be the number of staff ir student deaths that forces a reclosing of buildings?

49. For those of us who work in NYC but LIVE outside of NYC…what do we qualify for? Where’s our free option for our children??

50. Without before or after care, If lunch is the last period of the day can we leave early? I’m sure it’s a hard no but worth a shot. Then I would be home in time to get my kids from school.

51. If working remotely and you are working for the district who is doing evaluations and what happens to your position in your school?

52. What about PreK!? How do you do social distancing in PreK? What’s that going to look like? And how about cluster teachers?

53. Are all hands-on activities cancelled? (Ex science activities, classroom libraries, stem related activities etc) All the items would all have to be cleaned after each student uses and that is unrealistic, Is admin on board with this since danielson will have to be put aside for now?

54. If we do 4 periods then lunch….etc… are they going to have PAL, or whatever after school program was in place for the regular year? for the parents that DO work and can’t pick up their kids at 1230ish? if so how does that work? And after lunch is prep in there too?

55. What do ICT classrooms look like, remote and in person?

56. What if we don’t have enough teachers? Say, most of our SPED or Content teachers are mostly remote?

57. What does counseling/ speech therapy/ paraprofessional support look like?

58. Do we have to create a hybrid IEP like we did when we were fully remote?

59. Are we still responsible for annual and triennials?

60. Now that Affinity is gone, who will provide reports and who is our contact person? When will we know compliance deadlines? Who can we call when we are having difficulties or questions related to SPED?

61. What about schools that are in the basement of buildings with no windows? How will they pass the ventilation protocol?

62. How will ICT be configured if one or both teachers work remotely?

63. If we have reason to suspect we’ve been exposed and go for a test, obviously the responsible thing to do would be to stay home while we await the results… whether that’s 2 days or 14 days, if the test comes back negative, are those days taken from our CAR? [ If they are taken from CAR it will deter people from staying home/getting detested and probably lead to more covid spread]

64. To my knowledge no other teachers have applied for medical accommodations at my school and they are tentatively planning to live stream the classes to the remote students. I would be live streaming into the classroom for physical and remote students. Will teachers not be responsible for both remote and in person teaching and will this come down from the districts to pair off teachers across schools?

65. What happens if they can’t get a sub? Who’s teaching that class?

66. What will the models look like for special education middle schools and high schools?

67. If we’re at home how many classes can we possibly teach in elementary school? There’s no way possible that they can have 2 different adults for every class in the city. I’d rather be given those who choose remote 100%.

68. If DOE or mayor or governor doesn’t say all students must require a mask inside the school will the UFT oppose this and not have teachers and staff go back?

69. What type of cleaning is going to be done constantly during the day? Bathrooms,handrails, touch points and the like?

70. How can we talk about opening schools when we are not fully in phase 4 and cannot eat inside or go to a gym or movie in the city?

71. If we do a four period day, and lunch and prep after, what happens to cluster teachers?

72. If the city is planning to create 100,000 daycare spots in unknown locations then why can’t they use the recently closed catholic schools to hold school? Are they considering the influx of students from the 26 recently closed catholic schools that will need to find new schools?

73. What’s the procedure for informing a school if a child tests positive? We can’t mandate parents to disclose that information. Also how much identifying information will contact tracers give the school? Will we know the class the student is part of, or will they just tell us that an unnamed student tested positive? I’m wondering bc of privacy issues and bc our kids are mostly under 18.

74. The minimum requirement according to the CDC is to be six feet away from people. However, it has been shown that droplets can spread as far as fifteen feet. Why is the UFT accepting only the minimum amount of spacing?

75. What the is in that “Ghostbuster backpack” that will kill COVID-19? Will it also kill my lungs? I’m terrified of a product they will be spraying into our classrooms!

76. What is going to be done for 3K? Social distancing isn’t an option, diaper changing…. what about when parents drop off & not inform us of someone at home that’s ill?

77. For teachers doing remote teaching:

1.Will live teaching be required?

2. Will the remote day have beginning and ending hours?

78. If we get an accommodation for pregnancy will we have to return to the building after our maternity leave? If so, what happens to the remote students we were working with?

79. Do windows stay opened on a rainy day? Do windows stay opened on a cold day?

80. How can schools with no air conditioning accommodate teacher and students? How can they wear masks for that length of time during reopening?

81. If someone that is teaching in the building becomes pregnant or develops an underlying condition who takes over that class?

82. What happens to cluster programs under the “4 period day” model mentioned by Mulgrew in the town hall today?

83. if kids eat breakfast and or lunch in the classroom, how is everyone “protected” when the kids aren’t wearing masks? (How can this even be a possibility especially since we are still not truly in PHASE 4, and still can’t eat in a restaurant or go to a movie or a museum….how can we even be opening?

84. How do we, the teachers/staff use the bathroom now?? Since we will be with the kids all day?

85. I heard that contact tracing was not successful in NYC not sure if that’s true. If it is true, how can we open without having had success w contact tracing?

86. Will the High School remote teachers be required to teach live virtually? If so will they be required to do it during specifics school periods? And will it have to be live video lessons or can it be recordings or just voice overs?

87. For the High School level, will remote teachers have more than the normal class size of 34 students in each class?

88. If live-in person teachers are going to work with possible district remote teachers, who is responsible for the grading, written feedback and record keeping for all of the students? Also which teacher has the final say over instruction?

89. If a High School teacher is granted a medical accommodation to teach remotely and their school had to hire a teacher to do the live-in person teaching, is the remote teacher guaranteed their spot back at their school once the pandemic clears and it is deemed safe for them to go back to school?

90. What will be done to ensure remote students’ participation? During remote days or if they are apart of a remote only cohort?

91. If we do receive our medical accommodation when will be notified of which grade we’ll be teaching?

92. For Deaf and Hard of Hearing students who rely on lip reading to have access to language, is the DOE going to provide appropriate masks that do not obstruct the mouth but still protect such as the cloth masks? There are alternatives but will the DOE provide these options. These students would need all staff who come in contact with them to be wearing appropriate protection that doesn’t take away from the students’ language and access needs.

93. What are teachers supposed to do when they have no child care for their little children who are in school and cannot fend for themselves while you are teaching 5 days a week?

94. Can IEP kids come in person 5 days a week with their whole cohort?

95. Has anyone ever heard consideration of the possibility of assigning a cohort of 9 to 12 students to a teacher and then those children and teacher are in school and remote together. This might reduce exposure and provide continuity for the students (I’m thinking elementary). As well, the teacher only needs to travel 5 days out of every 10, reducing exposure from public transportation????

96. What will happen if you are assigned to work with someone from central with a teaching certificate as your remote/in person partner and they really don’t know what they are doing? I mean just doing your job will be stressful enough without worrying about your partner teacher!

97. Who teaches the kids whose parents opt for remote only if teachers are teaching other teachers’ classes? Are they a separate class? What if there aren’t enough for a full class? Do they combine with another school to make a full class? What if the schools have different curriculums?

98. Who teaches the kids whose parents opt for remote only if teachers are teaching other teachers’ classes? Are they a separate class? What if there aren’t enough for a full class? Do they combine with another school to make a full class? What if the schools have different curriculums?

99. If children are required to have physical activity daily how will PE teachers put this in place? Exposing to all students isn’t safe. Equipment???? Will be PE class in school or remote?

100. Is it all or nothing? Meaning, if School A can re-open safely because they have enough space but School B has too many students to open safely, can School A still open?

101. Will Monday and Tuesday be an extended day? Will all school events (meet the teacher) and ptc be remote?

102. How would the UFT advise teachers who are parents to choose whether we want our own kids to be remote or hybrid WITHOUT KNOWING if we will be able to work remotely to care for them???

103. How are we all getting to work?

I don’t feel safe taking my usual route of metro north and 3 subway transfers. I will need to drive. I’m also thinking everyone else will also want to drive. Where am I parking with only 1 block of designated DOE parking spots for 4 schools.

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