Collaborative UFT Resolution Opposing the Misuse of Standardized Tests [DRAFT]

On Wednesday February 11, 2015, the UFT leadership spoke out against, and helped vote down, a resolution introduced to oppose the damaging standardized tests. UFT President Michael Mulgrew then offered an idea to draft together a resolution and discussed the lack of diagnostic information pulled from the tests given. See post UFT Leadership Defends Testing “Parents Want Tests.”

UFT Solidarity Caucus is stepping up to start the first version of the draft of this collaborative resolution.

WHEREAS mandated standardized testing bears no diagnostic output to support educators, students and parents;

WHEREAS mandated standardized testing is misused as promotional criteria for students;

WHEREAS mandated standardized testing is misused to evaluate educators;

WHEREAS mandated standardized testing does not offer valuable diagnostic information to support students and educators;

RESOLVED the UFT will openly oppose the administering of these mandated standardized tests;

RESOLVED the UFT will support the growing opt-out movement;

RESOLVED the UFT will encourage members, who are parents of students taking these mandated standardized tests, to opt their children out.


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  1. How is this different from the original I Refuse resolution that 50 other NYSUT locals are supporting??? Isn’t it best is everyone supports the same resolution? Doesn’t it have a better chance of passing???

    • There’s a reason it passed in 50 other locals. It makes sense. This is a starting point and we leave it to the UFT Leadership to craft this in a way that shows they don’t work for the testing regime and they work for the members, students and parents. Ready? ? Go!

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