Gregg Soulette

PS 138M, 144 East 128th Street, New York, NY.


  1. Gregg will sell a teacher out in a minute. He doesn’t support teacher growth or initiative. Teachers feel so unheard that at school wide PDs (d75 school) teachers will shout out to at least be heard though Gregg will then yell “this is not the place.” Issues will never be addressed. Union chapter leader is in his pocket. No room for any dissenting opinion, ever, under any circumstances. So many discontinuances.

  2. Gregg is so disinterested in teacher success that when one of our teachers was a big apple teacher of the year (2020) he never even mentioned it. Gregg tears down and doesn’t build up. He cares only about pleasing the superintendent and not about his staff or….the kids!

  3. Gregg does not stand up for his teachers. He is a micromanager. He puts teachers against each other. He breaks the contract routinely. He will never support a teacher if a parent has a concern.

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