Checking your CTLE Hours!

If you’re a teacher (or para) who holds a professional teaching certificate, the UFT wants to ensure you’re meeting the New York State requirements for keeping your certificate active.

Teachers who hold professional teaching certificates are required to complete 100 Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) credits in five-year cycles. The five-year cycle begins when you register with the State Education Department after receiving your professional teaching certificate.

First, you should check your TEACH Online Services account to make sure you are registered. On your profile page, you’ll see your current registration period — for example, 06/10/2016 — 06/30/2021. The end of your current registration period is your due date for completing your 100 CTLE hours. Every educator’s due date is different, so it’s important to log into your TEACH account to determine yours.

At the end of your five-year cycle, you should re-register in your TEACH account. You do not need to submit your records of CTLE hours completed or any other documentation to the state Office of Teaching Initiatives unless it is requested. The Office of Teaching Initiatives may request to see documentation of your records up to three years after the end of your five-year cycle.

You must complete at least 15 of your 100 hours in the subject of language acquisition strategies for English language learners (ELLs). If you are professionally certified as a bilingual or English to speakers of other languages teacher, 50 of your 100 hours must be ELL-related.

If you have not yet completed your 100 hours and your due date is June 30, 2021, you have time to complete your hours! Keep in mind that your CTLE hours must be completed with a state-approved provider.

You can find a list of state-approved sponsors of CTLE on the State Education Department website. Both the UFT’s LearnUFT program and the UFT Teacher Center are state-approved providers that offer affordable online CTLE workshops. Browse the LearnUFT course listings online. The listings are updated regularly.

You should keep records of certificates you receive at CTLE workshops. These records should show the title of the program, the total number of hours completed, the number of hours completed in language acquisition addressing the needs of English language learners if appropriate, the sponsor’s name and identifying number, attendance verification, the date and location of the program, and your date of birth.

If you have taken LearnUFT or UFT Teacher Center workshops to attain these CTLE hours, as a service to our members, we have a record of the certificates you’ve earned and can provide them upon request. If you have taken CTLE workshops with organizations other than the UFT, you will need to contact them directly for any records. I encourage you to monitor the progress you make toward meeting your 100-hour requirement. You can use the State Education Department’s recordkeeping form to help you keep track of your CTLE hours. If you have any questions about whether you’re required to collect CTLE hours, please read this UFT Q&A or call the UFT at 212-331-6311. Sincerely, Mary Vaccaro UFT Vice President for Education

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