Caring Administrators Really Exist (CARE) List

I see you, CARE List nominees!

Collaboration is key to a healthy and safe school community that fosters education for our 1.1 million students. While many of our 1,800 schools communities lack quality educational leaders, we are happy to report that we have been hearing positive stories of great educational leaders in our schools. UFT Solidarity has made it our mission to find these diamonds in the rough and celebrate them here!

We asked the community to nominate not just principals, but any administrators that are leading adults and children with love, logic, fairness, and dignity. This includes instructional coaches, assistant principals, district leadership, and borough support staff.

To nominate an individual not currently on the list, click here for the form.

  1. Acquafredda, Sandy (IS 223, Brooklyn)
  2. Antoine, Louise (Public School 40, Brooklyn)
  3. Balbuena, Patricia (PS 161M)
  4. Benevento, Paulette (P 373R, Staten Island)
  5. Bender, Maria (IS 281 Joseph B. Cavallaro, Brooklyn)
  6. Beverly, Aisha (James Weldon Johnson Leadership Academy, Manhattan)
  7. Blough, Brian (South Bronx Early College Academy Charter, Bronx)
  8. Capetanakis, Jayne (P.S. 69 Vincent D. Grippo School, Brooklyn)
  9. Caputo, James (Harlem Renaissance HS, Manhattan)
  10. Casale, Michael (IS 73Q, Queens)
  11. Celestine, Cynthia (PS 26 Jesse Owens, Brooklyn)
  12. Cohen, Jodi (James Madison High School, Brooklyn)
  13. Conti, Scott (New Design HS, Manhattan)
  14. Contreras, Eric (Stuyvesant High School)
  15. Demos, Nina (PS 503 The School of Discovery, Brooklyn)
  16. Derrig, Danielle (Samara Community School, Bronx)
  17. Esdelle, Karen (Jill Chaifetz Transfer School, Bronx)
  18. Estevez, Elvis (All City Leadership Secondary School, Brooklyn)
  19. Fanning, David (AP Randolph High School, Manhattan)
  20. Farrow, Deb (PS/IS 116Q)
  21. Francis, Tosha-Lyn (Queens United Middle School)
  22. Foreman, Jason (P.S. 154Q)
  23. Fucheck, Greg (Bronx River High School, Bronx)
  24. Gisone, Sabrina (PS 305Q)
  25. Gonzalez, Cristina
  26. Goring, Jessica (Bronx School for Law and Finance)
  27. Guy, Herman (Millenium Art Academy, Bronx)
  28. Gucciardino, Maria (IS 93Q)
  29. Harris, Neil (A-Tech High School, Brooklyn)
  30. Hernandez, Martin (World View HS, Bronx)
  31. Hill, Kim (PS 95Q)
  32. Hong, Yuqing (PS 310K)
  33. House, Mark (Community Health Academy of the Heights, Manhattan)
  34. Huggins, Carrie (Francis Lewis HS, Queens)
  35. James, Judith (PS 28K)
  36. Johnson, Asya (Longwood Prep Academy, Bronx)
  37. Khavina, Yuliya (Clara Barton HS, Brooklyn)
  38. Kiernan, Deborah (Veritas Academy, Queens)
  39. Lapointe, Marc (Manhattan Field Support)
  40. Leong, April (Liberation Diploma Plus HS, Brooklyn)
  41. Losurdo, Chris (VOYAGES South, Queens)
  42. Lopez, Glorimar (Bronx Lab School, Bronx)
  43. Lovett, Abigail
  44. Lucas, John (Manhattan Alternate Learning Center at Battery Park)
  45. Macri, Rocco (JHS 104 Simon Baruch)
  46. Martinez, Tracy (Martin Van Buren HS, Queens)
  47. Mandel, Faiga (P.S. 205K)
  48. Mastrogiovanni, Laura (MS 137Q)
  49. Meyerson, Matthew (Clara Barton HS, Brooklyn)
  50. McKoy, April (CITY POLYTECHNIC HIGH SCHOOL, Brooklyn)
  51. O’Brien, Pauline (High School for Medical Professions)
  52. O’Neill, Maureen (P.S. 56 NORWOOD HEIGHTS, Bronx)
  53. Oroszlany, Peter (Mott Hall V, Bronx)
  54. Perlberg, Michael (MS 839K)
  55. Pimentel-Rodriguez, Suheil (P. S. 595X)
  56. Perez, Tiawana (PS6X The West Farms School)
  57. Perrini, Daphne (Harvey Milk Transfer School, Manhattan)
  58. Petrotta, Daniel (World Journalism Prep, Queens)
  59. Poulos, Nancy (World Journalism Prep, Queens)
  60. Quatrano, Cheryl (Veritas Academy, Queens)
  61. Radoslovich, Jackie (Mt. Eden Children’s Academy, Bronx)
  62. Ramos, Suany (PS 188M)
  63. Riccio, Jessica (PS 163K Bath Beach)
  64. Robbins, Jeff (Pathways to Graduation Queens)
  65. Rodriguez, Saida (Queens Metropolitan High School, Queens)
  66. Rueda-Mattock, Elizabeth (P 231 K)
  67. Russell, Ebony (P77 Brooklyn)
  68. Santos, Edward (IS 93, Queens)
  69. Sannon-Brown, Fritzy (Queens Transition Center)
  70. Scott Parker, David (PS 452M)
  71. Scamardella, Sophie (PS 65R)
  72. Sheeran, Douglas (P.S. 396X)
  73. Shu, Emily (Bronx Envision)
  74. Spalding, Jennifer (Sunset Park Prep, Brooklyn)
  75. Tang, Maggie
  76. Wang, Molly (PS 173Q)
  77. Werner, Janine (World Journalism Prep, Queens)
  78. White, D (Bronx Collegiate Academy)
  79. Wiebusch, Michael (New Heights Middle School, Brooklyn)
  80. Wright, Latisha (PS 17Q)
  81. Yarbrough, Jesse (PS 536X)
  82. Zambrano-Burakov, Ana (High School for Arts and Business, Queens)

To nominate an individual not currently on the list, click here for the form.

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