Breaking News: Nancy Zazulka WINS the Pix 11 Fuel My School Contest

We first told you about Nancy’s status as finalist here.

Thank you for supporting Nancy’s efforts to win her school $5000.

She won!

We couldn’t be more happy to have her as a Council Member on Solidarity Caucus and as the Vice-President Candidate for Middle Schools in the United Federation of Teachers Election in May of 2016!

Here’s an excerpt from the following link:

I.S. 61 English Teacher Nancy Zazulka wrote: “Most school-age kids wake up to an alarm clock, but in our community, we wake up to helicopters and police sirens. Knowing that so many of them want a better and safer future makes us work that much harder for them. Our students are our kids, part of our heartbeat, a permanent etching on our hearts and souls. While we hope that the time they spend with us will make a difference in their lives, the truth is, the time we spend with them makes our lives better. Our school makes a difference because our school is the pulse of the community, the lifeline to a better future.”

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  1. Well done Nancy!!!

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