Sandy Acquafredda

Sandy Acquafredda

Assistant Principal

IS 223 The Montauk School (4200 16th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11204)


  1. She is very supportive to myself and any other staff members that go to her for advice. I have asked many questions about planning and classes and opinions on things and she hs been always there for the moment or two that I have needed an ear. She the least judgmental person I seen. Always fair when it comes to observation and there to give solide suggestions when something doesnt go quite as planned.

  2. Appreciative Teacher

    Mrs. Acquafredda is definitely worthy of recognition. She is dedicated, motivated, supportive, knowledgeable, effective, etc. I have never, in my twenty-five years as an educator come across someone who’s as dedicated to her career as she is. I am proud to work under her supervision as she is a true leader!

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