Council & Committees

The UFT Solidarity Council consists of 9 individuals who have been democratically elected by the UFT Solidarity Membership according to the Bylaws.

To email the Council please use this address-

Our Council for the 2020-2021 School Year:

  1. Ellen Brody
  2. Claudia Giordano
  3. John Lawhead
  4. Daniel Leopold
  5. Lydia Howrilka
  6. Odalis Santana
  7. Jay Werner
  8. Mayra Victoria
  9. Quinn Zannoni

The four main Council committees include:

1.  Member Support Committee

Summary of Services of Member Support Committee


2. Article 78

3. Filing a Notice of Claim against a City Organization

4. Appealing a Discontinuance via the UFT

5. Dealing with a Workplace Bully Admin

6. NYS First Person Recording
  • Legal Matters:  We help teachers who find themselves rubberized, discontinued, or in legal trouble with either UFT Unity or the DOE. We give guidance to teachers who find themselves the victim of an OSI/SCI/OEO or false arrest case by helping them find appropriate legal help and help them investigate legal remedies for their issues.
  • Contract Enforcement: We help members if they need assistance in filing a grievance; give guidance on filing a PERB complaint; and train Chapter Leaders, Delegates, and members on the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement/CBA.
  • Paperwork Reduction: We are looking for ways to manage and reduce the amount of excessive hard copy paperwork and e-paperwork (ie: curriculum maps, team planning time minutes, family contact logs, ect.) administrators expect us to complete on a regular basis. We outreach to teacher who submit intake forms and reach out to the school’s Chapter Leader, Delegate, District Rep, and school administration on ways to correct this abuse.

2.  Integrity and Corruption Committee

  • This committee focuses on exposing and ending education corruption in NYC.
  • The ANOI initiative is making a great difference for our members across the city.

3.  Outreach and Social Media Committee

  • Social Media:  Want to increase UFTSC’s digital footprint? Help the Social Media committee in writing content for our website, updating our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. networks, and outreaching to members about events.
  • Community Outreach and Retiree Liaisons: Wel serve as a task force that connects Solidarity’s activities, goals, and events with the visions and events of parent, community, retiree, and other UFT groups (eg: BATs, PJTSA, New Action, More, ICE, Retired UFT members, Class Size Matters, and Change the Stakes)
    • Safety in Schools: Accurate reporting is the first step in creating a safe environment in every school. Enforce your right to a safe school by promptly reporting all safety/discipline incidents with the help of the “Safety in School” committee.
    • Fair Student Funding: Wouldn’t you think that in an effort to be fair, the DOE would attach MORE funding to students who have the greatest needs? Fair Student Funding also gives principals VERY LITTLE FINANCIAL INCENTIVE to hire ATRs or vested, experienced teachers. If you want to change this, this committee is for you.
    • Finance: We help UFTSC raise money by soliciting donations for banners, posters, fliers, and business cards. Individuals in this committee will brainstorm ways to manage finances effectively and will communicate with UFTSC Council and other committees on budgeting for projects/initiatives.

4.  Union Democracy Committee

  • Union Democracy:  UFTSC is excited about running for the 2019 UFT election. We are also eager in helping Chaper Leaders who are progressive and desire to bring change to their school communities. This committee will also manage UFTSC’s RepReview initiative.

To get more information about running for a council position or joining a committee please email


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  2. We need to energize our team by putting them on the online front line and campaign together uniformly as we got elected and agreed to fight for unjust causes. Ms. Lydia is leading so good and by mentioning each of us by name and action to high light would do more to the cause.

  3. What is UFT Solidarity about? I want a UNION that is obsessed with the working conditions of teachers. I want a UNION that will not tolerate: School Closures, the ATR pool, test score tied to evaluations, especially I want to the CITY to stop using test scores to evaluate Special Education/ELL teachers, Unhealthy toxic building. I also support an end to Mayoral Control. I want a really BOE w/parental/student/ teacher input! I also wish that I could choose who I pay my dues to.
    In the meantime, I will pay my union dues BUT I would also consider paying to belong to another group that can demonstrate that they would fight for the issues I mentioned above.

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