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In aligning with UFT Solidarity’s mission statement, with regards to accountability, we have created a forum to share experiences UFT members have had with elected and appointed UFT representatives on the UFT payroll.  Click the button below and share.

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There are five appointed UFT borough representatives and over 40 appointed district and special representatives. None of them have been democratically elected by the UFT membership.

Here is a brief history you should know:

In June 2003 the UFT Executive Board changed the District Representative position, an elected position for 34 years, to an appointed position, and then President Weingarten argued that the change was necessary based on the DOE’s move to Regions and would not have a negative impact on the service relationship between the chapter leader, the members, and the DR. She also maintained that with the movement to Regions we were not going to have districts and an appointed position would be a better one for our UFT. Regions no longer exist and networks appear to be on the way out. The democratic process is best served when elections determine who will represent the membership, and the election of DR’s by Chapter Leaders can only cement the relationship between the two and further union democracy. (link)

Due to the fact that chapter leaders no longer elect their district reps, real accountability has greatly diminished. This Solidarity initiative, aimed to bring back accountability to our union, comes from listening to our union brothers and sisters and their unfortunate plight.

Examples of member stories:

This Part Time Special Rep makes $11,614 from UFT dues.

This Part Time Special Rep makes $11,614 from UFT dues in addition to DOE salary.

From chapter leader about appointed district rep.

From chapter leader about appointed district rep who makes $65,000 from UFT dues in addition to $86,000 from the DOE.

Brooklyn UFT

UFT reps non action continue to hurt this school mentioned in the media to this day.


Another appointed rep who is not familiar with the facts of a case.

Another appointed rep who is not familiar with the facts of a case.


District reps must make sure their chapter leaders have accurate information. This former UFT member is out of a job.

District reps must make sure their chapter leaders have accurate information. This former UFT member is out of a job now and can’t work elsewhere in the DOE.


The District UFT offices need to be a shield. They weren't for this school.

The District UFT offices need to be a shield. They weren’t for this school.

In New York State we follow the Taylor Law, that not only has jurisdiction over the employer (DOE), but also the employee organization (UFT). UFT members are owed protection from their employer for their union activity, but also are owed fair representation by their union.

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  1. As a chapter leader in a Queens district, I was consistently treated with disdain and negativity by the district rep at monthly chapter leader meetings and, at times, in front of my staff. The district rep asked me if I was a member of a caucus (other than Unity). I was certainly never invited to join Unity as I was perceived to be in opposition to the Unity stance. Others who took the position that Unity is not doing enough to protect the members were frequently mocked at chapter leader meetings by other CLs, to curry favor with the DR. There is a clear sense of many chapter leaders striving to catch the golden ring of a full time UFT position with its accompanying perks. The perks are not limited to the following:
    1. managing your own time
    2. blackberry or other cell device
    3. an expense account
    4. DOE salary, which the UFT reimburses to the DOE
    5. UFT stipend upwards of $50,000.
    6. Two nights at whichever hotel the UFT is holding chapter leader training, 3 times per year for a total of 6 nights per year. Every UFT full timer shows up for these events.
    Our dues pays for all of this.

  2. I was a new chapter leader in a hellish district in BK. The DR told me she, the UFT and the network all wanted to get rid of the principal I was working for. I reported to the DR ALL the funky stuff that the principal was doing to both the teachers and students…Like calling students retards to their face, yelling at teachers in front of their class saying “You’re a horrible teacher, you can’t do anything right”. The DR in-turn reported my information to the superintendent, who happens to be FRIENDS with the horrible principal. So, the conspiracy against me began. I was made to look like a problem teacher for telling the truth, working with integrity and being ethical. I left that school only to have the horrible principal request I be discontinued to her superintendent, who then called the superintendent of the district that I transferred to who told the new principal I was working under to discontinue me because she said so. How’s that for some real UFT BS. BUT WAIT it get’s better. So, I reach out the the UFT about my situation…and I was told…”you can work in another district”. LIES. Once you’re discontinued you’re problem coded and no matter if another principal wants to hire you or not…they CAN’T. I got another job, in a different district…with full disclosure of my discontinuance and I was removed from payroll. I called the UFT and got the RUN-A-ROUND. I spoke to big heads in the UFT and they gave me MISINFORMATION.
    My hearing is coming up. I met with my UFT advocate and she’s a hot dam mess. She is confused. She said “the panel persons are my friends…Teachers never win….even if you win, the superintendent has to agree with it and if she doesn’t well you loose”…What kind of non-sense is this…UNITY caucus SUCKS!!!…I asked, so what’s the purpose of the hearing?. She said, it’s just a protocol. Teachers don’t win. You must have created enemies”. I’ve paid union dues for many years and my money went to waste. I want my money back….

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