UFT Elections 2019 – Issues – Chapter Building

  • Build stronger chapters and community school networks.

    • We believe it is imperative for each and every chapter to be a strong and cohesive. We will implement stringent training for chapter leaders and delegates as well as frequently push in and support from the district offices. We would offer crisis intervention and mediation in addition to many other support services.  Each school will not be a small microcosm ignorant of what is happening at the school a mile away.

    • We will foster team building among chapters within campus schools. At the multi-school campuses, each school has a different start/stop time making it difficult for a building wide meeting unless it’s something the principals want to make happen. This makes for some animosity when issues like parking, who gets an elevator key card, which doors staff members are allowed to enter/exit from, and many more issues. If Solidarity is elected, we will push for campus meetings and help foster relationships among campus schools so that the “us against them” mentality might stop. This will help foster relationships and solidarity among neighborhood schools.  

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