Nancy Zazulka VP for Middle Schools


Candidate for Vice President of Middle Schools

William A. Morris, I.S. 61, Title I School, Staten Island, New York

New York City Common Core Fellow

United States Army Reserves and National Guard
Ft Jackson, SC; Ft McClellan, AL; Ft Dix, NJ; El Salvador; Queens, NY; Staten Island, NY
Military Police

Master of Science, Education
Bachelor of Arts, English
Bachelor of Arts, Sociology

What issues do you feel are most critical for our union?

A workplace where members can do their job with integrity. Walking into work should bring joy and enthusiasm for the new day, but many of us fear administration and retaliation. We need to empower members in order to remind the DOE that we are a partnership and should be treated as such. As partners in education, our voices should be equally heard. When members feel like their voices are heard, more will speak up and speak out against the corrupt policies plaguing our schools.

How would you engage the membership in implementing the changes that are needed in our union?

Right now, social media is our fastest and easiest method of notifying members of upcoming changes.  With leadership that wants to back members, which is the goal of Solidarity, members will be empowered to spread the word of the positive changes that will come. There’s no more under-the-table policies going to be implemented. Members need to shout out wrongdoing from the highest mountain. Members will be engaging one another as team members. As a team, we will change the current climate of education.


VOTE- Nancy Zazulka for UFT VP of Middle Schools


  1. Nancy, how would you go about empowering Chapter Leaders and Delegates to do their jobs in protecting/supporting their members?

    • I suspect that many Chapter Leaders and Delegates have the same fear of retaliation as the rest of us. ALL members need to start having each other’s backs. We are stronger when we stand together. If Chapter Leaders and Delegates feel like members are willing to speak up, they’ll be willing to work harder than they already do. There are too many instances where members ask for change, but don’t back that change. In instances when Chapter Leaders and Delegates aren’t supporting members, the entire school community suffers. When members don’t know where to turn for help, they become burned out. Members that are dissatisfied with the UFT leadership at their school need to come together at the school level to find ways to protect one another. We should all feel like the UFT is our safe place. If members feel misrepresented, there should be an anonymous place we can all go to express our concerns. There should be a timely response to these inquiries to ensure that members know that their voice is being heard and action is taking place.

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  3. Which came first, the problem or the solution? Luckily it doesn’t matter.

  4. Hi Nancy….yes you have our vote. Please ask everyone to join our FB page too. Paras need a livable wage and we have to organize to stand up and ask for a raise NOW, not when the contract expires. The contract has been amended twice already and it can be amended again….but we need every para and every teacher who has or has had para’s in their classroom sign on. Thank-you.

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