Volunteers Needed to help with Pro-Teacher Videos for Solidarity!

Dear Solidarity Members,
 I am a member of the Council and have been asked to contact you to solicit volunteers to be presenters for various short videos we will be producing. You will be provided with a script or outline for the three minute video presentation. Initially, we will need two presenters, one for each of the first two videos. Later, we will need more presenters for additional videos. A presenter will have to videotape ( using a camera or cell phone) the segment and send it to the Council for review and possible editing, before being posted to our You Tube and other media pages.
 We are developing our game plan to communicate our Solidarity Caucus to the schools in advance of the 2019 Elections. We have a couple of exciting initiatives that will  roll out in the new school year and draw attention to our Caucus.
 If you want to be one of the faces representing our Caucus in a video, please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.
James Calantjis
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