Video: Inside UFT Leadership Corruption & Collusion

UFT Members, who pay dues, need to know what goes on inside their union, how it affects them and what they can do to change it.

The video below is of former UFT NY Teacher newspaper reporter Jim Callaghan. After he tried to unionize the NY Teacher newspaper reporters, Michael Mulgrew and Leroy Barr fired him. He took with him many of the UFT’s secrets. When he was offered $500K to “be quiet,” he refused and we thank him for it.

The video is about an hour long and we recommend watching the whole thing. If you can’t, we took the liberty of bookmarking some specific stories below.

Jim wrote a story on overcrowding at Richmond Hill HS many years ago. Member in audience from that school confirmed it’s still an issue; Borough Rep Rona Freiser


Jim Callaghan told by President Mulgrew that he won’t send him in schools to report, because he would report on the problems and he didn’t want that.


Randi Weingarten has discrimination lawsuits dropped. District Representative Patty Crispino allegedly wanted teachers gone so she can get more per session jobs from her school.


Mulgrew Campaign Finance Board fraud. Sent $370,000 of member money to company that didn’t exist. Is NY District Attorney Cy Vance investigating?


Robert Johnson Bronx D.A. and Fordham High School Principal Iris Blige – Mulgrew cover up.


President Michael Mulgrew mass deletes member emails asking for help. Says “F— them!”


Unity its a cult– patronage and nepotism – RICO – Randi Weingarten Senate ambition- Bloomberg contract promises connection


Randi Weingarten and Jews for Justice – Eric Garner March in Staten Island


Confront UFT leaders at their own events.- Exec board private clublavish buffet


Betsy Combier/FOIL/Rona Freiser investigation dropped – UFT Attorney Adam Ross offers edu -blogger Betsy Combier job. Story on Rona going on cruise during DOE time disappears.


Teacher of the Year David Pakter case. Uncovers 5 families school window replacement scam. He’s retaliated by DOE and Mulgrew pressures Jim to drop story. Mulgrew brings up false accusations of child molestation. Mulgrew’s connection with his sister/contract/nepotism/favoritism with principals.


DOE Collusion – Alleged Sex in classroom – Mulgrew on front page of NY Post – never sued for libel other sex cases – Hilton Hotel kickbacks


Rona Freiser defrauding UFT?


2010 Jim fired for starting writers union at NY Teacher – slander and age discrimination cases – offered $500,000 to not go public/confidentiality clause – refused went on Fox News twice


Ron Isaacs – ICE Caucus spy, planted by Randi – daily emails sent – Queens office – multiple pensions


“Anonymous” comments on education blogs like Chaz and Ednotes coming from 52 Broadway (UFT headquarters)


Investigative reporting no longer done in press – “one day stories”

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  1. Get DOJ to investigate

    Maybe Jim should file complaint on corruption

  2. Enjoyed hearing what he had to say. Can’t wait to read the book. (Is that a dog barking in the background?)

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