US Department of Labor to Investigate UFT Unity Election Practices

The triennial general election for the UFT took place in May 2016. A year later, after jumping through hoops, and having nearly 16 alleged election violations dismissed by the UFT and AFT, the US Department of Labor has opened their own investigation.

It’s important to note that there are many similarities to the way an election is run and a contract is ratified. Although the next election isn’t until 2019, there may be a contract ratification next year when our contract expires.

The American Arbitration Association (AAA) has been ordered to preserve and seal all documents relating to last year’s election, including over 50,000 ballots. Investigators gathered information, evidence and interviewed UFT Solidarity candidate Francesco Portelos for three and a half hours.

Did union money go to support Unity candidates?

Was money exchanged for ballots?

Was there grand ballot misconduct?

Did union employees work on collecting Unity signatures and push Unity candidates during work hours?

If so, these and the many other violations here would a violation of the US Department of Labor’s Office of Labor Management election rules.

A summary of our complaints are listed here:

UFT Solidarity Launches 16 Official Election Complaints.

In other news join us for our monthly Solidarity meeting Friday June 2, 2017

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