Updated Guidance Related to Attendance, Leave and Timekeeping Policies During COVID-19

Dear Members,

Prior to September 8th, please be sure to read and review the following memo from the NYC DOE. We wish to highlight the following key points:

1. Excused Leave at Full Pay- The following category of employees will be eligible for excused leave at full pay without a charge to leave balances:

a. An employee who has a documented positive COVID-19 test shall be able to take excused leave at full pay until the employee is cleared to return to work (up to two full weeks).

b. An employee who is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, but who has not tested positive for COVID-19, may take an excused leave at full pay for up to two (2) work weeks. Such employees must not report to work other than telework for ten (10) days after the symptoms started or for three (3) days after any fever has stopped, whichever is longer.

c. An employee who is subject to a governmental quarantine or isolation order and is unable to telework while observing the governmental quarantine or isolation order.

d. An employee who has been advised by a licensed health care provider to self-quarantine.
either because of exposure to COVID-19 or because of heightened risk associated with
exposure to COVID-19 (e.g. underlying medical conditions, age, etc.). Effective September
1, 2020, those who have been on leave under PAUSE (“Matilda’s Law”) will only be eligible
for excused leave at full pay for up to two (2) workweeks without charge to leave balances.
Any additional leave will be charged to leave balances.

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  1. How is the UFT supporting Full Time Sub’s? Are they protected?

  2. So if you have a headache, it becomes 10 days of remote work?

  3. My wife and I are both teachers. She’s been on childcare leave for four years and due back next week. Our daughter will be going full remote because of Covid and wife needs to stay home.
    All summer the UFT said to wait because they were negotiations regarding leaves. In the memo, On page 3 number 2 section B it states: Can use car or sick days for no more than 12 weeks.
    Can this be what we were waiting for or will she have to resign without 30 days notice???

  4. While applying for this type of leave, what should my wife say to her principal. She can’t go in because of waiting to hear from her leave request?

  5. When I print out the application, the signature box is “X” out so there’s no room to sign the application.

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