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Starting the morning of May 26, 2016, we will be live updating this article to keep everyone updated on what’s happening with the UFT election ballot count.

Solidarity observers will be reporting to The American Association of Arbitrators at 9AM and make every effort to update this blog as information comes in.

We will be in this conference room with windows facing the ballot counting room.


First they will be opening the initial envelopes, that have been scanned for eligibility, and then take out the secret ballot envelopes.

Then the secret ballots will be opened with the actuall ballots removed.

The ballots have to be torn out into individual pages and then scanned through a high speed scanning machine.


Present here in they observation room are Norm Scott, Francesco Portelos, UFT Election Chair Amy Arundell, UFT attorney Adam Ross, UFT membership and election committee representatives Dave Hickey, Howard Solomon.

We walked through the ballot room. There are about 5 long tables with about 80 AAA employees. High speed cutting machines are opening every envelope. They are then handed to tables of about 80 AAA workers. They then open and separate the secret ballots from the return envelopes. The return envelopes with the names are stored elsewhere and will be for a year, just like every other document.

10:40 AM

AAA rep came in to show us questionable envelopes. We basically all shed that if the name, number and barcode were not identifiable they were invalidated.

One was blacked out but still legible so we agreed to check it in the database.

If duplicate ballots were found the duplicate was counted.


More members from the UFT leadership joined us. Every now and then a questionable ballot comes in. Thus far we have all agreed on whether or not to void it.

NOTE: Reception is really bad down in the basement.


Lunch time will. Pizza ordered. Ballots, ballots, envelopes and ballots…everywhere. It’s going to be a looong day.

Numbers: There were 10,000 more voters than last election. A step in the right direction. 53,000 ballots were returned out of 189,000 that went out. 46% are retirees, which is a drop from 52%.

They are separating slate votes from non slate votes. I did see some large piles with no slate votes. Still unsure who was voted on the inside.


Looks like we will not be getting results today! If we do, it won’t be until midnight. This because there are a lot more booklets to open rather than one pagers.

Numbers of ballots returned by division:
Elementary 10,026
Middle School 2,856
High School 4,747
Functional 10,933
Retirees 24,464
Total 53,046


Not much going on except for more and more cutting booklets to separate pages and scanning.


This is our home for now. Paul Hogan made it out. Candidates Christopher Wierzbicki and Scott Krivitzky are here.


Still here, still scanning. They are going to call it a night at 10 pm. Will start again tomorrow at 8am.




Back here. A lot less people here in observers and staff. There are preliminary numbers, but they are not sharing because they are very preliminary.

Still scanning and sorting. Expecting results by 2PM.

Results finally came in at just about 5PM

Our analysis will follow in another post. Thanks to all who took part in this amazing journey. The movement will continue to grow.

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  2. Should Portelos be in school like the rest of us? Hell I am on the ballot too, maybe I shoukd take the day off to come down too.

  3. OR, it could be that Mr. Francesco Portelos HAS what it takes to oust the corrupt Mulgrew and his team…


  4. Haters will beg for help one day. Keep it up! Hard-earned personal days to follow your passion- THANK YOU! Did More or Unity members donate their personal days? Next time—THREE BOXES! No more. Three cheers for Solidarity on our side!

  5. So lets talk about our union with Unity leading the way.

    Call the union to get help. Phone just rings

    Go to an executive board meeting. Learn that the union spends a million dollars a year on Food.Watch 60 members of the board stuff their faces on my hard earned dollar and to top it off take food home.

    Listening to Mulgrew at executive board meeting. We are going to help teachers in Philadelphia. Question is posed to Mulgrew.
    How about helping the ATRs?
    Mulgrew response. Who?

    Let be for real win or lose Solidarity Caucus opened a lot of people’s eyes to the corruption with the UFT.

    • πŸ™‚

    • Robert Rettino

      May I add. My wife went to the Uft office in the Bx to accompany a friend who had an appointment. While she was waiting, she heard someone listening to their messages with the speaker on. People who gave their first name and others who said their school number, were being skipped or deleted. Whoever got all those messages was not listening to anybody’s concerns. Lovely isn’t it?

  6. Hang in there, Mr. Portelos! We are all waiting patiently for the news.

    Thanks for keeping us updated. Great idea!

  7. Win or lose, Solidarity did as Voltaire said, opened the eyes of so many members. UFT members go to work, and don’t expect much of our union leadership…obviously that’s a problem. But for too long we have been forgotten…If only we had union leadership that cared about the membership…it’s that simple.

  8. Mr. Portelos is the real deal and those who are writing negative comments are bullies and that is exactly what solidarity is about-putting an end to bully culture.

  9. Robert Rettino

    I will unveil the corruption. Our last contract. If someone didn’t get a kickback for agreeing to that, they SHOULD have! It was MUCH worse than police, fire and transit because teachers had a MUCH worse union!

  10. Who in their right mind would sign a contract where the bulk of the back pay is given at the end of the contract and if you leave either voluntary or involuntary you don’t get the money you already worked for.

    Answer Unity and Mulgrew

  11. Yes eyes are opening like crazy. Solidarity is here to stay and will represent the membership as they deserve to be.

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