UFT Elections 2019 – Where does UFT Solidarity Stand on the Issues?




  1. Reduce class size and improve teacher-pupil ratios
  2. Remove test scores and reform the teacher evaluations
  3. Support tenure protections and pensions
  4. Put an end to the over testing of our students and forcing teachers to “teach to the test”
  5. Stop school co-locations
  6. Support schools, don’t close them
  7. Value the experience of veteran teachers and stop using their salaries against them
  8. Hold School administration accountable when they ignore and violate the contract
  9. Bring back democracy in our union. District representatives should be elected by schools, not appointed
  10. Reverse the trend of disappearing vocational and CTE programs
  11. Stop using school aides as secretaries when we have many capable UFT secretaries available
  12. Bring back teacher autonomy. Your class is your class
  13. Build stronger chapters and community school networks
  14. Create a more impartial Panel for Educational Policy
  15. Consolidate small schools. Reverse the Bloomberg breakdown of large schools
  16. Empower Chapter Leaders and Delegates and improve union involvement
  17. Better support for our paraprofessional members
  18. Expand community schools initiatives
  19. Improve the working conditions of our private sector nurses


  1. You neglected to address the issue of chapter leaders in bed with Administration. Of course that’s not something to put out in a public forum but it is a real problem internally.

    • Bingo. And do we really want people to become CLs and Delegates so that they can be “better compensated”?

      Really? We need to think this one through. I think of that (i.e. *perks*) as one of the problems. Not a solution.

  2. Elizabeth Puscasu

    Don’t allow principals the power to become Dictators
    Cure the Discontinuace Epidemic, let Teachers teach

  3. Ah, politics, politics, politicians! I thought that the issue with CLs was only a thing of the last two schools I worked for! In my 20+ years I have worked for three schools. The first one, only for a school year and a couple of months, not enough time to get to learn anything about the CL and the like. In my second school the principal was openly campaigning for the CL. Anybody can guess the results of it. I denounced to the union. I just going to say that voluntarily left that school. In the school I am now, the chapter leader thinks she can make decisions that affect everyone all by herself or together with the delegates and let the teachers know afterwards.There’s a high price to pay when power is given to people who can’t use it for the wellbeing of others. I try not to get involved too much, because I said at the beginning, ah politics, politics, politicians.

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