UFT Solidarity Turned One Today!


What is the actual birthday of a group? The time it was thought up? The day a name was picked or a vote was taken? Here at UFT Solidarity we use the day our website was bought.

In one year, with limited resources, we feel like we are succeeding already. We are succeeding in giving UFT members hope. In the last decade, we have seen our profession battered and embattled and when all hope is lost, then all hope is lost. But wait…there is still hope.

What’s happened in just the last year:

  • Our website is said to be a Swiss Army knife for members. Plenty of useful information for everyone.
  • Our Administrator in Need of Improvement (ANOI) list exposes and mapped over 100 administrators who allegedly harass our members uftsolidarity.org/anoi
  • We have held rallies outside principal’s offices as well as the chancellor’s and superintendent’s offices as well. Rally of one or 100, it does not matter. We will fight for better conditions in our schools.
  • We created and enhanced many communication tools including retireduft, help@uftsolidarity, discontinueduft and much more. These email groups allow members to learn from each other and both give and get support.
  • We launched our UFT2016.com campaign
  • We created many initiatives and applications to help members and parents including
  • We support YOU and ask that tomorrow you print out an election flyer, post one up in your staff lounge and support us. uftsolidarity.org/volunteer

Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well as joining us to celebrate at our meeting this Sunday September 20th at 3PM. All are welcomed. Register here www.uftsolidarity.org/meetup


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