UFT Solidarity Town Hall Friday March 18th


UFT members have concerns. They also have the democratic opportunity to elect a new leadership in May of 2016.

Of the three presidential candidates, Michael Mulgrew (Unity), Jia Lee (MORE) and Francesco Portelos (Solidarity), only UFT Solidarity was interested in answering the members’ questions. Mulgrew and Lee have not responded.

To ask more questions use the form at uftsolidarity.org/debate.

To find out more visit UFT2016.com


As of March 17th, both Michael Mulgrew of the Unity caucus and Jia Lee of MORE, have not responded to requests to debate Francesco Portelos, nor respond to online questions posed by members.

Don’t the members of the UFT deserve to know their candidates?

Solidarity took out a permit to hold a debate at PS 64M colocated with Jia Lee’s school. Since no one is responding, it will be a town hall where you can ask presidential candidate Francesco Portelos questions.

See questions answered on our debate site as well as details about tomorrow’s Town Hall.



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