UFT Solidarity Plans for Another Rally – Richmond Hill High School June 3rd


Queens UFT members are encouraged to come outside and support an awful situation inside the troubled Richmond Hill High School. The DOE makes another failed attempt to “support a school.”

Safety incidents are allegedly down (because they go unreported.)

Teachers rated effective are all of a sudden ineffective.

Observations are fabricated with false claims.

A beloved assistant principal was allegedly not rating enough teachers ineffective was pushed out.

Support Superintendent Aimee Horowitz (nicknamed Horrorwitz after many non-tenured teachers found she was responsible for their many discontinuances and terminations) barely makes visits the school, except for photo ops with Mayor de Blasio.

Aimee Horowitz, Mayor de Blasio and Principal Neil Ganesh

See what staff and students are saying here in this latest article.

  • At a struggling school, an anonymous letter to a new …


    7 days ago – When Ganesh arrived at Richmond Hill in fall 2013, the second newprincipal in two years, the 2,300-student school was floundering, several …

At what point do we point the finger, not at Principal Ganesh, but at Network Leader Joseph Zaza and Cluster Leader Despina Zaharakis. They are both the same support group that support Principal Namita Dwarka at William Bryant HS, also in Queens. (William Bryant High School Rally | UFT Solidarity Caucus)

www.uftsolidarity.org/RHHSrally Info Page.

Join us and share. #RHHSrally

Is Queens UFT Office supporting? Don’t hold your breath.

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