UFT Solidarity Paraprofessional Asks Chancellor Farina for a Livable Wage

Paraprofessionals are aides to teachers in classrooms with the neediest children. Yet they are paid much less, offered less benefits and have poor due process rights. UFT Solidarity wants to see this change drastically. See and share our platform link on paraprofessionals.

Watch UFT Solidarity member Marie Wausnok raise the issue with Chancellor Farina at the last Panel for Educational Policy meeting in Staten Island.


Better support for our paraprofessional members

UFT Elections 2016 – Issues – Paraprofessionals

  • Better support for our paraprofessional members:

    Paraprofessionals are not considered pedagogical staff even though they spend almost the whole day in the classroom helping educate our neediest students. They have had only a minimal raise in the last twenty years and only a 5 and 15 year longevity step. We will work on not only offering better professional development, but also a 10 and 20 year longevity and a better due process. Currently state law does not provide for due process for paraprofessionals. Being that they often work with students that have emotional issues, many paraprofessionals have had their students falsely accuse them of allegations that were later unsubstantiated. In that time though, paraprofessionals were out of work without pay for months until the case was cleared. Paraprofessionals also need better benefits.

Also visit and share the paraprofessional create Facebook page “Paras for Portelos.” We want to hear from you. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ParasforPortelos/


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