UFT Members Resort to Emailing HELP@UFTSOLIDARITY.ORG

Every UFT members’ first line of defense should be their chapter leader. Then, if the issue isn’t resolved locally, they should contact their district UFT office. It’s when they don’t find a resolution to their issue there that they usually begin searching online.

Approximately a year ago, we created help@uftsolidarity.org. An email sent to that address is forwarded to over a dozen UFT Solidarity members. Most of these volunteers are current or former chapter leaders and delegates, and volunteer their time and expertise. From first contact we try to support in any which way we can. We do not try to attempt to replace the paid UFT employees, but rather arm the distressed members with information to survive attacks and remedy situations.

To date, we regrettably report that, we have received over 300 emails to that address. Although we love to help members, we hate hearing that so many of our union brothers and sisters are under attack.

Don’t forget to visit our TOOLBOX at www.uftsolidarity.org/toolbox

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