UFT Member Grievances “Increase” Under de Blasio/Farina

There is not much to say here except that this is truly unfortunate. Contractual violations hurt members and often times hurt students and school communities. The UFT leadership went head to head with Mayor Bloomberg, or at least made like they did, and now have a cozy relationship with Mayor de Blasio and his chancellor.

Is that relationship helping members? Are we going to get another contract that does not remedy the many issues members face?

See the numbers and act. Join UFT Solidarity as we take control of the conversation on our site uftcontract.com Here members can join the conversation or start a new one about what THEY WANT to see in the next contract.


UFT Grievance History Chart

UFT Grievance History Chart

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  1. I don’t doubt these statistics at all. However, the issue doesn’t just lie with the individuals, it lies with the system itself. An issue can occur for any number of reasons most especially parent complaints which are easy to make via 311 since DOE is a branch of NYC GOV.

    These grievances are heard by DOE admins, the same admins who are liable to the people below them who are essentially the ones being accused of foul play. Unless the issue leaves them fully liable (open to a lawsuit / bad press if they don’t overturn the decision) they’re not going to rule against their underlings / themselves for fear of repercussions from their underlings (if the principal goes against the AP or site director it would make them look bad and the same goes for the chancellor).

    Instead we need a system where teachers aren’t liable to parents but to their superiors and greivances are heard by a 3rd party who has no liability to anyone. It should be an independent party who aren’t employed by the chancellor but work in contract with the DOE / UFT. Otherwise there is bias before anyone even opens the file.

    If it were any other business it would be the same issue. If your retail manager suspends you and you go to the GM who’s side do you think they’re going to take without even blinking an eye?

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