UFT Executive Board to Vote on Solidarity’s UFT Election Complaints

Before the 2016 UFT election results were announced, UFT Solidarity launched seven official election complaints with the UFT Executive Board. After the results were furnished, and after additional information was collected from members and the election committee, another nine election complaints were filed. Over the summer, the UFT leadership responded to the first seven. As expected, they denied any alleged irregularities or election misconduct.

The report for the remaining nine complaints will be produced before the UFT Executive Board on Monday September 19, 2016 for a vote. We expect nothing more than a programmed acceptance of the denial of any misconduct by Unity members. We are not sure how the new seven MORE/New Action high school members will be voting. In any case, we then take these 18 complaints to the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) for resolution. Once they are not remedied there, we can finally take them to the impartial United States Department of Labor (USDOL). There we hope an actual investigation is conducted and election practices are reviewed.

The 16 complaints and the response to the first 7 are listed below. The reason we continue to pursue these election complaints is that we want to make every effort to ensure not only fair and democratic elections, but a fair contract ratification that may be coming up in a little over a year. There are many similarities in the counting of both election ballots and contract ratification ballots.

Complaints 1 to 7 with clarifying responses to Emil Pietromonaco

Download (PDF, 700KB)

UFT responses to first 7 complaints

Download (PDF, 366KB)

Complaints 8 to 16

Download (PDF, 351KB)

In addition, here is an amendment to a complaint where extra printed ballots were unaccounted for and the American Association of Arbitrators and UFT have us different numbers. UFT Election Chair Amy Arundell stated there were only 500 extra printed ballots per division. The AAA showed a lot more extra copies printed. 

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