UFT Elections 2016 – Issues – Class Sizes

Class Size

Reduce Class Size and Improve Teacher-Pupil Ratios

It is every teacher’s  goal to reach all students and do the best for them. With smaller class sizes and teacher-student ratios, teachers will have a fighting chance to educate every child and improve outcomes in math, literacy, and overall academic growth, truly leaving NO child behind. UFT Solidarity supports, and will fight for, better classroom conditions and outcomes for all children.

The NYCDOE has a $27 billion dollar budget and the NYS legislature has allocated more funds for NYC public schools. However the NYCDOE system has almost 2,000 experienced educators working as ATRs and continues to excess additional educators when they could instead use these teachers and funds to decrease class size. 

The Contract for Excellence (C4E) figures that the DOE agreed to in 2007 were to have no more than 20 students in K-3, 23 in 4-8 and 25 in HS classes, with even smaller class size in the Renewal/Receivership/struggling schools. This hasn’t happened and the current UFT leadership continues to ignore the issue. Instead President Mulgrew lauds the de Blasio administration on class size reduction.

Read more about the issues we are working on, www.uftsolidarity.org/uft2016issues, or comment on this one below.


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