UFT Contract 2018: Vote No

UFT Contract 2018: Vote No from UFT Solidarity


Ask about the current proposed UFT contract and everyone whose salary depends on unquestioning loyalty to the ruling Unity Caucus that controls the UFT will tell you it’s a wonderful deal for all NYC educators. They are claiming that this is a raise with no givebacks, but let’s look at the details:

  • A 7.7% increase over 43 months is barely enough to keep up with inflation if current trends continue, and could possibly be a net loss to those who live and work in the NYC metro area since rent, food, gas, and Metrocards show no signs of slowing their rates of increase.

  • The so-called “Bronx Plan” will increase pay for educators working at high needs schools with high turnover. While it does not directly impact those working everywhere else, it sets a dangerous precedent that some UFT members will get on a pay scale that others are not on, and could be used as a wedge issue to divide our union going forward. Furthermore, this plan does nothing to address the systemic issues such as abusive and incompetent administrators that make some schools impossible places to work.

  • Class size will not change, and 34 in a class in high schools is still far too many, especially in classes that terminate in a Regents exam.

  • Any contract that puts new teachers on an inferior healthcare program, even temporarily, must be rejected in the name of worker solidarity.

  • Paraprofessionals do not make the gains from this contract that they need to be making as they are the backbone of many classrooms and our school system.

  • Fundamentally, abusive administrators will still be in power and teachers will lack autonomy in their own classrooms, an unacceptable status quo will continue.


The UFT’s leadership will tell you that there are no givebacks and that this is a victory, but that UFT leadership got into power through party loyalty and never questioning the party line. Us working educators need and deserve better. Vote No.

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