2018 Chapter Elections: What’s At Stake, What You Can Do

Be a Stronger UFT Chapter Leader

Be a Stronger UFT Chapter Leader

  • Why doesn’t the UFT leadership fight back against abusive administrators?
  • Why did the UFT go along with an evaluation system that teacher’s don’t understand, that forces teachers to do 4-6 observations per year?
  • Why is UFT leadership claiming that the 2014 contract’s paltry raises and increases to health care premiums is a victory?
  • Why doesn’t the UFT fight harder for its members on grievances?
  • Why are ATRs treated like second class citizens inside their own union?
  • Why don’t paraprofessionals get the same job protections as teachers?
  • Why did it take decades for UFT leadership to give vocal support paid parental leave?


These are just some of the questions that teachers and educational professionals who are UFT members ask. A large part of the answer is that since its creation, the UFT has always been run by the same caucus, Unity. Unity has always handed out leadership positions based on loyalty to the caucus and adherence to a loyalty oath, not based on ability to represent rank and file teachers. In the Weingarten and Mulgrew era, UFT leadership has become even more complacent. They have negotiated contracts that gave away the rights of excessed teachers, which led to the current ATR crisis. They supported an evaluation system that puts constant stress and pressure on teachers. They failed to stop Cuomo from making it harder than ever to get tenure.

This is why we need active, passionate, informed teachers to join the struggle for progress. Chapter elections citywide are taking place at the end of the current school year. If you agree that we need a stronger contract and a union that will ensure that the contract is enforced, we need you. If you agree that all educators deserve dignity and respect in the workplace, we need you. If you agree that we need a union that will not be afraid to fight every day for better conditions for all NYC educators, we need you. Consider running for Chapter Leader, delegate or paraprofessional representative. Even if you’re unable to run for a position, talk to colleagues and support the campaign of a fellow educator who stands with rank and file UFT members. We need to increase the presence of forward thinking educators in schools, at the Delegate Assembly, online and in the press. As educators around the country are threatened by the upcoming Janus case and the anti-teacher policies coming from Washington, we need people who will be on the side of the educators in the coming struggle. Join us!


Look here for our great resources. http://www.uftsolidarity.org/takeaction/cl/


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  1. I believe that UFT just want their member monies. I am a member of the childcare provider chapter. They have done NOTHING to protect us from being run out of business. Our chair person go to meeting and actually tell the members no questions. If you stand up and as questions about their representation toward us, they called us disrespectful. Now who is being disrespectful!! I fought hard to join this union for what!!I am still a believer of union but not the U.F.T Union. They are stealing our livelihood and giving the work to the teachers that they are also representing. They will scream when people start opting out. Then who will paid the 140,000 a year to the chair and everyone else making money on our sweat.

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