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 UFT Solidarity Caucus Supports UFT Members Via These Services and Initiatives:

ANOI – Administrators in Need of Improvement (Report Workplace Bullying)
3020-a Reassignment and Termination  Hearing Guide
Educator Survival Guide

ATR Survival Guide

Full Searchable UFT Contract (Teachers)
Probationary and Discontinued Teacher Guide
How to Write Great Observation Rebuttals
How to Build a Stronger Chapter
How to File a Free Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) Complaint for Retaliation Based on Union Activity
How to File a Grievance for Contractual Violations
How to File an Article 78
How to File an APPR EVALUATION Complaint
How to File a Notice of Claim against NYC (You only have 90 days)
How to File an Education Law §310 appeal (especially useful if you are going to be Discontinued from Probationary Service.)
NYCDOE Borough Field Support Center Contact Lookup
Paperwork Reduction Reporting
Petitions & Surveys
Request-A-Rally & Press Toolkits
Report Grade Fixing
Special Ed Help Info – Complaint & Lookup
Tell Your Story
UFT Rep Review – Lookup – Read and Share Experiences with UFT Reps
UFT Solidarity Opt-Out Web App

How to receive your DOE email straight to your smartphone.