The UFT Leadership Hasn’t Rallied Against an Abusive Administrator in 10 Years

Today is March 13, 2019 and for ten long years our union leadership has been silent. While countless UFT members felt the overbearing weight and pressure of different degrees of workplace bullying, our leadership looked the other way. UFT Solidarity promises to be there behind you like our logo shows.

In 2009 Michael Mulgrew took over as UFT president from Randi Weingarten and all kinds of graphs and data show that more and more of our members have been attacked, discriminated against, discontinued, terminated, forced to resign and…ignored.

Here is the last rally against an abusive administrator that the UFT leadership took part in. It was exactly 10 years ago. Can you imagine if the leaders you see here actually continued and followed through? We are not saying all administrators are bad, but when dues paying members call for help, they shouldn’t have to wait for mainstream media to pick up a story before the union does anything.


The Michael Mulgrew and Leroy Barr you see here in the video are long gone, but the principal isn’t. In fact many of the abusive principals you read about are still in positions advising our members and hurting our students’ education. If the Michael Mulgrew and Leroy Barr you see here were still pushing for member support and backing their members UFT Solidarity wouldn’t need to exist as a separate caucus.

Even this rally wasn’t initially organized by top leadership it grew so big so quick they had no choice but to Jumpin. That’s what we were told. Any case the records show not one rally has been orchestrated by the leadership to support its members against the school leader who has harassed and bullied. In fact, records show that UFT leadership has colluded with the administrators when parents and staff take it upon themselves to rally with students outside of schools. See here a picture of a Unity union rep standing next to a DOE lawyer while parents, staff and students rallied against William C. Bryant HS.


In other news, check out our 5 year old Administrators in Need of Improvement (ANOI) page

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  1. I am the aunt of an ex teacher in Terri Stinsons school. She-got a discontinue two years ago and is flagged by the DOE for good. In spite of totally unfair trials and lack of Dwayne Clark’s help, her career there is short ended. It was her first year of teaching special ed.
    What are you doing about this situation? The observations in the principal’s report were Sunday dates

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