The NYCDOE’s Continuous Underhanded Attacks Against Retired Educators

HR Director Peter Ianniello

Some retired teachers want to continue working as part-time (F-Status) or as substitutes after they officially retire. Many retirees have contacted UFT Solidarity to say the DOE states “No So Fast! We don’t want you if you have had a U rating in the last 5 years!”

Imagine that you have been working for over 30 years. You made the decision to retire, but have the itch to occasionally return to your passion. Leaving your vacation home, or grandchildren, you return to school a few days a week. You are an F-Status employee or a substitute.

Now imagine you cannot occasionally return to your passion. Your years of experience and expertise is not welcomed at the DOE. The reason? Well, apparently that vindictive administrator, from 5 years ago, thought you were too outspoken and gave you an unwarranted Unsatisfactory rating for the year. That’s it. That’s all it apparently takes according to Director Peter Ianniello and the DOE HR department.

Retired teachers have been contacting us shocked and disappointed that they cannot go back. They contact the union and are told “There’s nothing we can do, this is the DOE’s policy.”

Here at UFT Solidarity, we do not have the immense resources that the union leadership has. However, we work with what we have to bring knowledge and support to our members.

We decided to inquire about this alleged “policy” that forbids experienced and retired UFT members from returning to the classroom.

We asked the DOE for:


NYC DOE documentation or policy that states a retired member cannot work F status and/or substitute if they received a poor rating in the last 5 years.

– If the above documentation cannot be found, then any policy that dictates requirements for retirees to work F status or substitute.


After months of delays a response is finally given. Ready for it?


UFT Solidarity will continue to push this topic and many others. We fill the void left by our current leadership.

Please inquire with the UFT Leadership as to why this practice is allowed. Join us at the UFT Executive Boards or ask it at the Delegate Assembly. See our calendar for dates here:


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  1. Very important issue raised here by Francisco and UFT Solidarity! I posted a response to my FB page. Thanks for having the courage of your convictions, as usual, Francisco!

  2. I know of one principal, now retired, who habitually gave people who left or retired a U rating or marked them “do not rehire”. These people had S ratings for many years. It was as if she wanted to make sure you could never return to teaching in NYC.

  3. NYC is on the cusp of the biggest teacher shortage since the mid 90’s. They will soon be begging former teachers to come in and sub. (Even if they had a “U” rating)

    • Please i hope this is tge case i cant stand tge state of poverty my retirement has created. I will work my a off if i can go back.

  4. I know ppl who were actually promised F Status to get them to retire. Lots of trickery

  5. What a great system. Let’s starve it to death.

  6. NYC DOE turned out to be a dishonest and unreliable employer that finds ways to break all the employment laws on the books with impunity and often gets away with it. I finally came to understand and accept that this is one of many valid reasons to break the monopoly on public education. This has worked out well in other states in terms of school choice, financial affordability to the community and the expansion of home teaching through cyber instruction as another option for families.

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