Uniting ATR Field Supervisor Targets

UFT Solidarity hears many complaints about ATR Field Supervisors who allegedly engage in more harassment and bullying than they do support. It is tough as it is to be uprooted from your school and sent on random rotation around your borough. You are assigned out of your specialized license and meet a class for the first time. In comes a Field Supervisor with a clipboard to rate you on a class lesson when you do not have a history with the class or documentation on the students in front of you. Sometimes no matter what obstacles you overcome, the Field Supervisors use subjective and erroneous methods to rate you as unsatisfactory.

Here we strive to organize and mobilize. If you are an ATR that falls under the scenario above, consider filling out the form below.


  1. I can only laugh when I read how the DOE is telling the media that they are encouraging principals to hire veteran ATRs when the truth is so very different. The only thing the DOE is trying to do is to terminate the ATRs by allowing field supervisors (assassins) to recommend to the Superintendent to terminate the ATRs through the 3020-a process. The DOE, with the UFT leadership’s complicit assistance, has pushed to reduce the ATR pool by harassing ATRs to resign or retire rather than push principals to hire the ATRs in their district. In particular, veteran ATRs with ten or more teaching experience are being targeted for termination while only untenured ATRs are being picked up.

  2. Justin Stark is fabricating Us right and left in order to push older teachers out. He is harassing older teachers to retire.

  3. The observations of ATRs in rotating assignments is unprofessional and unacceptable on several counts:
    *The ATRs often don’t know the students.
    *The ATRs often have been covering a class out of license, with or without the regular teacher’s lesson plan.
    *The ATRs are told to differentiate lessons for the students, but they have not met them or have not been provided their IEPs or other personal data such as ELL status.
    * There are no consequences for these Supervisors to lie. Most of them are falsifying the dialogue.
    *All a setup for engaging in age discrimination. The observation system used as a weapon to make an experienced teacher look like incompetent.
    * The rating officer is someone an ATR never met. It used to be the Principal.
    It is all about discrimination, and harassment. Thank you Mulgrew. How can a Union agree to have ATRs observed? It is a nuisance that is causing stress to teachers near retirement. It is a blank check given to Field Supervisors. It is wrong , and the UFT is to be blamed for accepting this secret deal which is a another fiasco.

  4. Fair student funding is responsible for age discrimination , including but not limited to : negative observation ratings, being told harassing lies during your post-ob , being over-scrutinized on a daily basis as administrators look for anything they can call a problem even when it isn’t a problem, being treated differently than younger teachers and told you didn’t do enough of something during the lesson, false accusations, principals having derogatory conversations about you with parents in an effort to gang up against you, closing schools and dismissing only older teachers who have to go on interviews that they will never win, being unfairly targeted for termination charges, being ATRed and therefore sent like a bag lady or man from school to school. And the list goes on. And this is ALL the result of Fair Student Funding. The UFT is giving Field Supervisors a blank check to harass and belittle older teachers.

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