Tale of a whistleblower…


I am one of the whistleblower teachers who has been targeted for speaking up for my students’ rights!!! I was retaliated against because my students’ IEPs were being violated and I would not allow it! I went from a teacher with nothing lower than a few developing marks on observations to straight ineffectives! Ineffectives for ridiculous things like not grouping during an open notebook test, ineffective for assessment on the same open notebook test. Not grouping during a do now and not modeling a Do Now! Ridiculous things!!!

*** When I contacted the union they said nothing could be done? This was obvious retaliation as I do not even have one negative letter in my file!! No investigations… nothing!!! It should have never gotten this far!!

I do have an outside the union hearing due to the retaliation being based on my union activities of filing a special education complaint on my students’ IEPs not being followed!!! I have requested a settlement to the DOE and I am awaiting to hear about that. They still believe they have done nothing wrong! I just want to settle fairly and move on in a new school but they won’t allow it!!!

Along with those violations I have proof of over 100 other special education violations within the school year!!! Will my principal owe a fine or be punished? Will the pawn of an AP be demoted? No!! Will they be under state or city review and be watched like a hawk for these violations? No! I will be the one having to explain these ridiculous false observations to a new principal!!!

How about the grade changes and false transcripts??? I have proof that over 20 students that were allowed to graduate did not have credit for English 7 or 8 and were given elective credit!!! They did not even try to cover it up!!!! Again, will anyone at this school be in trouble? No! They are allowed to do whatever they want!!!

They are a renewal school and their superintendent is Aimee Horowitz! I have emails that I sent Ms. Horowitz in December stating the targeted harassment I was receiving and how unfair it was! In emails she stated she would speak to the principal and help the situation!!! This same superintendent Aimee Horowitz is the one who denied my extension of probation!!!! The very least she should have extended my tenure knowing the situation!! I even had parents and students email her appeals on my behalf!!’ All she cares about is her graduation rates!!! And wants whoever stands in her way gone!!




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