Patricia Crispino

Patricia Crispino


  1. Let’s principals, like Ms. Bernard of Bronx Adult, get away with illegal things…like fake documents

  2. Patty’s favorite words are “I hate to tell you but the DOE can do that.”

    Instead of “Let’s fight this for you!”

  3. Teachers need a voice

    Aft repeated quotes from Patty,

    “You’re not gonna like to hear this but your principal can do that.”

    “You’re not gonna like this but you can’t do anything.”

    Another one, “You’re gonna lose! You’re gonna lose!”

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  5. Patty Crispino is a Mulgrew groupie who would rather tell teachers “that’s the way it works” rather than “let’s fight.” She did not fight for teachers from Adult Ed who are being abused by a horrendous superintendent. She also supports Chapter leaders who bully and polarize their staff.

  6. She’s a LEECH!!!

  7. I had a horrible union representative before Patricia but she seems to be working harder than the last one. I found out that my last union representative was friends and colleagues with my former principal. We will see were this goes, but so far Patricia seems to be trying to help.

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