Jason Goldberg

Jason Goldberg

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  1. I thought that Jason Goldberg was on the level when I filed a lengthy appeal back in the Fall, along with a colleague, to fight the “Ineffective” ratings we believed strongly we were given unjustly (along with 15 other teachers in 2014, which made John Dewey teachers top the city school’s list for maximum number of “I”‘s- even though the school grade was “passing”!) But in mid-March I got a letter stating that because I “had charges” against me when I retired, the UFT will NOT appeal after all. Jason knew full well when I filed that I had retired with (phoney)”3020A” charges against me- but urged me to get my paperwork in, and gave us the sense that the union was ready to fight back against our horrible principal big time. Jason is either a fool, or a liar. Typical UFT “brass”, it turns out. They’ve got “brass” instead of brains!

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