Debra Poulos

Debra Poulos


  1. Although I presented Debra Poulos with many grievances that deserved to be upheld and backed at her higher level, she never once backed any teacher I fought at the school level for, and, to add insult to injury, never backed ME while I was CL at John Dewey HS- even at Step Two! She seemed to have the position as “Grievance Dept Head” simply to allow and even encourage the worst administrators to get away with anything they wanted when it came to rank-and-file union members. She might as well get a double salary, one from the phoney union, and one from the NYC DOE she had more allegiance to than to teachers!

  2. She did get legal help for a member under a false investigation, but other than that she either ignores emails and requests for help or refuses to fight for members on grievances. This is what we get when Unity controls everything and puts political appointees rather than effective leaders in place.

  3. It’s hard to believe that a person with compromised moral values and a self indulgent attitude could ever be elected to office let alone be in a position to cause irreparable harm to those in need.

  4. Michael P. Klimetz

    As Brooklyn Borough Representative, Debra’s loyalties were with the UFT hierarchy…never with the membership. The grade- and credit-fraud practices I uncovered at John Dewey HS, in addition to innumerable acts of abuse heaped upon its staff by an unscrupulous and destructive administration, were never substantively addressed by her nor by any UFT representative including the Dewey chapter leader. This abomination went on unchecked for two years until which time the evidence provided to OSI was too damning to deny. It was her responsibility to act on the behalf of the students and the membership. She acted only at the direction of the politically-compromised UFT elite. She has a shameful legacy to bear, as do the UNITY elites.

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