Alice O’Neil

UFT Rep Alice O’Neil


  1. Alice is super helpful, and always promptly responds to e-mails and voicemails.

  2. Alice is deathly afraid of Superintendent Marisol Rosales or just working with her.

  3. UFT Member-District 2

    Alice is either incompetent or working in collusion with Superintendent Marisol Rosales. Stonewalls members, allows blatant retaliation and contractual violations to occur across district 2 schools with no response from UFT leadership.

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  5. Newly excessed teacher

    Filed an APPR which was in clear violation of the 15 day window. Received no assistance with the filing from my CL. Emails went back and forth between myself, Alice and another individual who was supposed to assist me. Nothing. Then I get a cryptic email from Alice saying my APPR can not move forward. No explanation. When I had to press for a reason, and asked specifically for the school CL to be included, I learned that there was “no violation “. Unbelievable. While the rep was sitting with me he stated that the APPR should be granted just in that fact. I don’t believe for a second that anyone did any work on my behalf. What is the difference between the UFT and a right to work state?

  6. Never responded to any of the APPRs I filed… if I had not got a job outside the district, the principal would have had my license by now, thanks to Alice’s indifference, total inaction and break taking incompetence… once I escaped the Marisol Rosales/Alice ONeal career-grinder, no problems at all at the new site.

    Members, your union has deserted you.

  7. Numerous teachers at our school reached out to Alice for help against a notoriously abusive admin. We were new teachers, untenured, who had been (unknowingly) hired after the school admin had pushed out most of the previous staff. Alice did not respond to our pleas for help. Alice was condescending towards us. We viewed an email in which she and the UFT chapter leader were colluding with admin against teachers. We would reach out to OTHER UFT Manhattan Borough reps who would try to help us, behind Alice’s back. Their hands were tied.

    Why does she hold this position? Even her colleagues see that she colludes with admin.

    By the way, I do not work at any of the schools that the commentators above work at. So it seems that Alice has a pattern and should be observed or removed by the UFT.

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