EBook: I’m a Principal’s Target, Now What

I’m a Principal’s Target, Now What

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This book has made a difference in the lives of many teachers.

Please pay it forward so we can continue to make a difference.

I’m a Principal’s Target, Now What


  1. Great e-book, this can be applied to many different situations. Know your rights, document everything, and good luck.

  2. Sandra Philip, Principal@ P.S 93 Brooklyn NY is one of the evilest human beings I have ever came across. She is a dictator and a tyrant who has caused teachers their license. She yells and screams at her teachers in front of the students. She gets revenge on you if you take a sick day. For example, she shows up your room the next you come back from being sick to give you an observation. She tries to impose her religious beliefs on you, gossiping about staff that have tattoos or leather clothing. She hires her church congregation friends to spy on the teachers.

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