Administrators in Need of Improvement (ANOI)


Collaboration is key to a healthy and safe school community that fosters education for our 1.1 million students. Unfortunately, too many of our 1,800 schools communities have leaders that may not be the educational leaders that are greatly needed to foster this environment.

We asked the community to nominate not just principals, but any administrators that may be in need of improvement. This includes superintendents, assistant principals, Children’s First Support Network and cluster leaders.

Our hope is that by having this list out there positive change can occur to benefit the students, staff and entire school communities affected.

For nominations, please fill out this Administrator in Need of Improvement (ANOI) form


  • Does the school have incidents that go unreported?
  • Is there a lack of discipline and support?
  • Do routine requests for help or repairs get ignored?
  • Is there a high turnover of staff? Is staff targeted? 
  • Are parents targeted? 
  • Does the administrator violate the contract on such a regular basis?

In addition to nominating an administrator, a parent or staff member can also use this form to send a complaint of moral character to the New York State Department of Education administrator-complaint-form-for-nysed

*Note: If an administrator feels they have been nominated in error, please email us at

  1. Ali, Fatimah
  2. Amador, Carmen
  3. Annio, Ursula
  4. Bove, Antonella
  5. Brown, James
  6. Cobb, Steven
  7. Cruz, Serapha
  8. Czemerinski, Fabiana
  9. Davidson, Kimberlee
  10. Foster, Celia
  11. Gerendasi, Dana
  12. Hatzimichalis, Stamatina
  13. Henry Stephens, Ann Marie
  14. Hernandez, Melitina
  15. Hooks, Anthony
  16. Hope, Abidemi
  17. Hyer, Melinda
  18. Jaggon, Dionne
  19. Johnson, Esrom
  20. Kabinoff, Jeremy
  21. Karaiskos, Loizos
  22. Lee, Dr. Doris
  23. Little, Jean
  24. Ling, Carla
  25. Losquadro, Jennifer Rehn
  26. McGregor, Dahlia
  27. Mendez-Torres, Ayo
  28. Najera, Victoria
  29. Ortega, Maria
  30. Paul, Valerie
  31. Pinos, Barbara and Soto, EliaMarie (PS 161X)
  32. Russo, Dr. Natalia
  33. Santacroce, Stephen
  34. Schneider, Brett
  35. Selenikas, Vivian P.
  36. Soulette, Gregg
  37. Wilson, Michael


  1. Can comments be turned on for the new additions? I have some information I’d like to add for some of these but didn’t see a comment box.

  2. Please please please send Koza that email.

  3. Amanda Lazerson of IS 162K is a horribly abusive principal. She illegally excessed a 20+ year veteran so that her friend from her temple who was a new teacher could have a job. She went after the UFT chapter leader with phony 3020a charges, and despite all the evidence that he was a superior teacher, the hearing officer terminated him. Now she’s targeting the new chapter leader. She illegally changed the school to a 16 period schedule, and despite the fact that the staff refused to SBO it, says she could do it anyway. She has targeted veteran teachers ever since her reign of terror began. The District 32 superintendent, Sheila Gorski, refuses to believe any of the complaints, and makes up excuses, like “Maybe they weren’t tech savvy.” Both Amanda Lazerson and Sheila Gorski must go.

    • Why would you put the teachers names that is just ridiculous

    • I was a teacher at IS204 and worked with Amanda Lazerson. Ms. Lazerson under the tutelage of Ms. Limsider, who was one of the nastiest principals I have ever known. Ms. Limsider, had a terrible reputation, everyone hated her. Limsider/Lazerson tried their best to torture new young teachers, I had 31 years and yet people like Limsider and Lazerson gave me letters that were ridiculous, I just tore them up and laughed. Bloomberg caused these people to get out of control!!!!

  4. Can we nominate Assistant Principals? I have a doozy.

  5. I nominate Doris Lee, principal of Village Academy in Far Rockaway.

    This principal has been instated for 10 years at the school and has had a revolving door of teacher employment because of the terrible work conditions. All teachers are asked to smile and if they do not are reprimanded for it. If you disagree with any thing and make the mistake of voicing that opinion you are met with hostility and unjustified disciplinary action. She micromanages every single subject areas curriculum and grading but hasn’t actually provided a curriculum to begin with. If you are sick or have to be out of work on a Monday or a Friday she immediately accuses you of extending your weekend and threatens disciplinary action. She is so negative that not ONE substitute in two years has come to the school. She also claims that there is no money in the budget EVERY year. Even the current one where the school was invited to be apart of the Bronx Plan collaborative. She has teachers that have worked with her since the school opened who she doesn’t respect or consider effective. The UFT representative is in bed with the principal so teachers are unable to complain or go to him for actual protection or advice. The UFT rep is given privileges and leadership positions from the principal to continue pushing her agenda and not that of his colleagues and is used often for this principals agenda.

    • 100% agree. Zero support given to any teachers, especially new ones. classrooms micromanaged and no real curriculum support given. ZERO positive feedback. When asked what disciplinary procedures are for the start of the school year, there is no real answer given – because there are none!
      A first year teacher was discontinued – not because he was a bad teacher (he received an effective rating) but because his position was not available in the school any more and D.r Lee refused to do the extra paperwork to have him let go without any mark on his name, stating it was the only option for her to do.
      She is a horrific leader

  6. I nominate Andrea Story of PS 129 John H Finley. The woman is woefully incompetent and extremely unprofessionally. She uses the word “retarded” and harassed both teachers and students.

  7. I nominate Melitina Hernandez of PS129 Mahalia Jackson in Harlem ,
    For cruel and inhumane punishment to Veteran Teachers and teachers with disabilities.

  8. Nominate Lisa Velazquez PS112. A dear friend of A. Estrella. She bully and intimidates tenured and non tenured teachers. Estrella and her friends are ruining what’s left of District 4.

  9. Juan Mendez, Luis Santiago,need to be put on the list. They are the absolute worst. They are an embarrassment to the education system.

  10. Principal Accardi of Flushing High School is a living disaster. When he was on the rehiring committee back in 2018 he rehired developing teachers over effective teachers. He also rehired based on how many students you passed. He hired almost all new teaches and some real losers while many good teachers were sent to the ATR pool. He wants young untenured teachers who will do whatever he tells them. Now the school’s Regents scores have dropped. He inflated the graduation rate by giving out free credits, not allowing any teacher to give below 55 for any grade even if the student didn’t do an assignment or if it was plagiarized and he signed off on over 100 appeals for failing Regents grades. He also makes APs give out handouts and has the APs grade them to help make up credits. The increase in graduation rate is bogus. He just had to justify hiring all those lousy teachers.

  11. The principal from MS 158, Henry Schandel, should be added to this list from Bayside. There’s an overall lack of discipline at the school. It’s as if he’s afraid to enforce discipline at the school, & the kids know it. He rarely suspends any students nor keeps parents informed of anything. Poor leadership!!

    • Not to worry. Schandel has been shown the door. Him and his bully tactics are history. He thought he was an untouchable king. Mr. Schandel, you ain’t no Elvis!

  12. Deanna Marco is vindictive, micromanages and forces teachers to fill out surveys in drama room to ensure the school gets a good rating. Has her spies that go around and report everything back to her. The UFT rep Shay Vanname is a personal friend, as are the majority of her staff, who sleeps over her house during snowstorms. She picks 1 teacher per year to torment and then discontinues them at the very end of the year. She has the highest turnover rate in the district and is very proud of this. She takes special education students and puts them in regular education classes totally ignoring the requirements on their IEP, as a way to further torment the teacher she is tormenting that year, using the special education teacher essentially as a para professional. She is a disgusting human being and LOVES confrontation (her words). All she cares about it her reputation and power which is why she broke up with her boyfriend who was the custodian at the school she came from, PS 295, when she first because the assistant principal.

  13. Suffering Teacher at MAST

    Allika Thompson-Young is horrible for teachers. Manipulates teachers to fill out surveys positively with free lunch and fun energizers in her room to ensure the school gets a good rating. Has multiple spies that go around and report everything back to her. Discontinued many great teachers and hired buddies from her failing middle school to replace them. Lets kids play games and makes it look like academic achievement. Must waste first 10 minutes of class “energizing the class” with non-school material, otherwise, you’re not taking students feelings into consideration. The UFT rep was denied Tenure despite all the work he does for the school environment and students, and she skillfully dissolved all UFT presence in the school, making it look like his fault. Teachers who are not her buddy are in trouble of being rated ineffective! Sends her minions to observe on worst days possible, like day after break and day before break. If she observes a good lesson, doesn’t rate you on it, only bad lessons, especially if you’re not tenured. If kids aren’t passing, will make your life hell to pass them, even when they don’t deserve it. She takes SpEd students and puts them in regular education classes, effectively ignoring the requirements on their IEP, making classes hell for teachers and students alike. Hampers the progress of every other capable student in the class because one kid isn’t passing. She wants new, untenured teachers, that will follow her whim and allow themselves to be taken advantage of. Took away all prep time and parental engagement and replaced with garbage baby tasks to make the school look good, made school day longer without teacher consent. Very good at circumventing system and fooling many with her feel-good techniques, has ruined many teacher lives. God help us all

    • One of the AP’s was kicked out after working at the school for 10 years because he was very experienced (expensive). He was the best administrator out of the bunch. How does a new principal have the power to remove a hardworking AP who was there for 10 years? A storm is coming at this school.

  14. Enough is enough

    KAREN SOLOMON …. she has falsely acuse people , discriminate and harassed employees! She has even switched schools due to staff complaints.

  15. Greer Phillips isn’t on here? After the NYTimes article about the illegal School Shooting Drill from 2012 or whatever I’m honestly shocked…

    • Harassed staff member

      Oh my God, is Superintendent Hulla still leaving us with Dr. Ling another year?! Shes extremely unstable, comes in yelling at everyone including her Assistant Principals in front of people…at at staff in front of people. She loves an audience. The building is in chaos, all she cares about us writing people up. It’s so depressing the manner im which she allows the building to run itself. It’s affected the staff morale so much. It’s a sad situation. She laughs about bullying people, and harasses people endlessly. Constantly out to get and harass tge building chapter leader, Mr. Gartner….these are what she focuses on daily. Not actually doing her job.

  16. Concern member and leader at school

    Principal B Newells should resign from her position because she is an incompetent and useless leader who is at ps 290 for a paycheck but is clueless and obvious to what is going on in her builder. She should be investigated and what you find out will blow out your mind and will never send your kids to this school.

  17. Will the old pages and comments be restored eventually? There were a lot of important voices there that should be heard.

  18. Carla Ling is vindictive, malicious, unfair and a poor leader. She screams and claps her hands or bangs her hands on her desk. She is a tyrant. She is a big bully. None of what she does involves the well being of children nor improving the morale of her staff. She has done nothing but destroy the morale of her own staff.

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