Administrators in Need of Improvement (ANOI) –(UPDATED AS OF FEB 20, 2020)



Collaboration is key to a healthy and safe school community that fosters education for our 1.1 million students. Unfortunately, too many of our 1,800 schools communities have leaders that may not be the educational leaders that are greatly needed to foster this environment.

We asked the community to nominate not just principals, but any administrators that may be in need of improvement. This includes superintendents, assistant principals, Children’s First Support Network and cluster leaders.

Our hope is that by having this list out there positive change can occur to benefit the students, staff and entire school communities affected.

For nominations, please fill out this Administrator in Need of Improvement (ANOI) form


  • Does the school have incidents that go unreported?
  • Is there a lack of discipline and support?
  • Do routine requests for help or repairs get ignored?
  • Is there a high turnover of staff? Is staff targeted? 
  • Are parents targeted? 
  • Does the administrator violate the contract on such a regular basis?

In Addition to nominating an administrator, a parent or staff member can also use this form to send a complaint of moral character to the New York State Department of Education administrator-complaint-form-for-nysed

*Note: If an administrator feels they have been nominated in error, please email us at


  1. Abadia, G
  2. Abreu, Ysidro
  3. Acosta, Niefi
  4. Aker, Susan
  5. Albetta, Daniel
  6. Almonte, Lottie
  7. Amador, Carmen
  8. Amon, Rasheda
  9. Annio, Ursula
  10. Aquino, Leslie
  11. Aragona, Steven
  12. Atiles, Kathryn
  13. Azores, Sheila
  14. Baez, Awilda
  15. Bailey, Karen
  16. Barakat, Michael
  17. Baker, Lori
  18. Barnett, June
  19. Bastien, Dorald
  20. Belton, Renee
  21. Bernard, Anne
  22. Blank, Daryl
  23. Blige, Iris
  24. Bonilla, Robert
  25. Bornkamp, Kathleen
  26. Bray, Felicia
  27. Bradley, Brian
  28. Bradley, Jeanne
  29. Brown, Marion
  30. Budhu, Michael
  31. Burnside, Robert
  32. Butcher, Bonnie
  33. Bye, Bridget
  34. Cabarcas, Berena
  35. Cabello, Irina
  36. Cadotte, Bayan
  37. Caeser, Lisette
  38. Cameron, Darlene
  39. Campbell, Georgia
  40. Cannon, Paul
  41. Caputo, Judy
  42. Catania, Patricia
  43. Centola, Alfredo
  44. Cameron, Maxine
  45. Capolongo, Elsi 
  46. Carrillo, Holger
  47. Casale, Joan
  48. Chin, Tyree
  49. Chin, Yvonne
  50. Choi, Rosa
  51. Cobb, Steven
  52. Cohen, Jodie
  53. Colon, Jacqueline
  54. Cook, Jaleelah
  55. Cookson, Kristi
  56. Cox, Kersandra
  57. Crespo, Miriam
  58. Cruz, Jose
  59. Cuba, Kattia
  60. Czemerinski, Fabiana
  61. D’Angelo, Dominick
  62. Darden, Gloria
  63. Davidson, Kimberlee
  64. Davis, Serge Marshall
  65. Delauney, Tricia
  66. DesForges, Marie
  67. Ditucci Cappiello, Donna
  68. DiGregorio, Alex
  69. Dickerson, Jeanna
  70. Drake, Julia
  71. Drummond, Tanya
  72. Donahue, Jean
  73. DuMornay, Gary
  74. Dwarka, Namita
  75. Maec Einsohn
  76. Ellman, Leslie
  77. Elvin, Kathleen
  78. Espinal, Rafaela
  79. Estrella, Alexandra
  80. Fagan, Jeanne
  81. Fanning, David
  82. Febus, Lisette
  83. Feijoo, Marisol
  84. Fiorentino, Annette
  85. Flynn, Tami
  86. Fredericksen, Sandra
  87. Foti, Christina
  88. Gallardo, Janet
  89. Ganesh, Neil
  90. Garcia, Natalia
  91. Garg, Monika
  92. Gentile, Robert
  93. Geogerian, Doug
  94. Giordano, Annemarie 
  95. Deborah Glauner
  96. Green, Susan
  97. Grevenberg, Lisa
  98. Goldman, Amy
  99. Gomez, Denise 
  100. Goodman, Sarah
  101. Goodson, Lisa
  102. Haigler, Tamra
  103. Hamm, Katherine
  104. Han, Karen
  105. Hanin Hasweh
  106. Harper, Chavonne
  107. Hartley, Simone
  108. Hartnett, Catherine
  109. Hawkins, Greta
  110. Hazell, Kerry Ann
  111. Healy, Vincent
  112. Henry, Judy
  113. Henry Stephens, Ann Marie
  114. Hernandez, Frank
  115. Hernandez, Melitina
  116. Hert, Beth
  117. Hill, Linda
  118. Hinds, Rochelle
  119. Holstein, Rene
  120. Houlihan, Kaye
  121. Hoogenboom, Ari
  122. Hooks, Anthony
  123. Hosang, Marlon
  124. Iannelli, Laura Izzo 
  125. Ierardi, Eric
  126. Ingram, Joan
  127. Isern, Diana
  128. Inzerello, Anthony
  129. Jacobo, Astrid
  130. Jahoda, Rosemary
  131. Jarrett, Elizabeth
  132. Jimenez, David
  133. Jimenez, Yaira
  134. Jones, Kuvana
  135. Juman, Jillian
  136. Jusino, William
  137. Keyes, Dakota
  138. Khan, Mohamed
  139. Kim, Eujin Jaela
  140. King, Patricia
  141. Koza, Christina
  142. Kwait, Howard
  143. Kwateng, Kinsey
  144. Knight, Bertram
  145. Landeau, Reginald
  146. Lansner, Noah
  147. LePow, Jamie
  148. Levinsky, Denise
  149. Lieberman, Bennett
  150. Ling, Carla
  151. Little, Jean
  152. Logan Smith, Angela
  153. Lolis, Evelyn
  154. Losquadro, Jennifer
  155. Lopes, Clemente
  156. Lopez, Glorimar
  157. Lubeck, Beth
  158. Luft, Lisa
  159. Ludwig, Arlene
  160. Lukas, Stephanie
  161. Lyons, Brendan
  162. Mahabir, Sharon
  163. Marco, Deanna
  164. Martuccio, Paul
  165. Mangar, Shawn
  166. Maniolios, Vasilios “Bill”
  167. Marks, Barry
  168. Marrero, Yvonne
  169. Mars, Lisa
  170. Martin, Anthony
  171. Martin, Deonne
  172. Martinez, Maria
  173. Martinez, Ralph
  174. McElroy, Sam
  175. McFarland, Adonna
  176. McGregor, Dahlia
  177. Mee, Kwong
  178. Memola, James
  179. Mercedes, Robert
  180. Michaux, Debra
  181. Miller, Darlene
  182. Miller, Melissa
  183. Mills, Rose-Marie
  184. Minaya, Patricia
  185. Mitchell, Patricia
  186. Moise, Stanley
  187. Monheit, Neil
  188. Montalvo, Eugenia
  189. Monroe, Joan
  190. Mota, Indira
  191. Mule, Annamaria
  192. Mutakabbir, Khurshid 
  193. Munro, Linda
  194. Najera, Victoria
  195. Namnun, Ramon
  196. Nelson, Fred
  197. Newell, Bridgette
  198. Giuseppina Napolitano
  199. Newman, Adam
  200. Njoku, Uche
  201. O’Brien Tara
  202. Oakes, Lindsay
  203. Ogundimu, Charles (“Dr. O.”)
  204. Orban, Jessica
  205. Orbe, Pierre
  206. Ort, Suzie
  207. Ortega, Maria
  208. Ortiz, Liza
  209. Outerbridge, Kim
  210. Palmeri, Nicole
  211. Parache, Arelis 
  212. Parache, Carmen
  213. Pate, Tammy
  214. Pavlou, Miranda
  215. Pavone, Louis
  216. Paz, Magaly
  217. Andrew Pecorella
  218. Perdomo, Jorge
  219. Philemy, James
  220. Pichardo, Daniel
  221. Pinos, Barbara 
  222. Prashad, Anita
  223. Price Haynes, Pamela
  224. Polanco, Emmanuel
  225. Pulphus, Joyce
  226. Quail, James
  227. Ratra, Shweta
  228. Reilly, Anissa Chambers
  229. Resto, Vincent
  230. Polanco-Rivera, Jazmin
  231. Resto, Vincent
  232. Rojas, Katiria
  233. Romero, Jessica
  234. Rupnarain, Rudolph
  235. Rosado, Rosie
  236. Rosado, Maria
  237. Rosato-Lopes, Theresa
  238. Ross, Janice
  239. Rotondo, Paul
  240. Salcedo, Yira
  241. Salzberg, Danielle
  242. Santiago, Jeffrey
  243. Schwartz, Steven
  244. Scott Piazza, Karen
  245. Schult, Kevin
  246. Selenikas, Vivian
  247. Sertima, Tannis
  248. Shakespeare, Pauline
  249. Shelley, Kimberly
  250. Sherman, Ben
  251. Sim, Franklin
  252. Singh, Stefan
  253. Smith, Darwin
  254. Sochet, Sam
  255. Solomon, Joshua
  256. Soto, Indiana
  257. Spencer, Adrienne
  258. Sperrazza, Charles
  259. Staton, Lynn
  260. Struhl Nasjletti, Meridith
  261. Tait, Samona Joe
  262. Tannenbaum, Sherry
  263. Thomas, Suzanne
  264. Thompson, Paul
  265. Toran, Monique
  266. Towles, Latishia
  268. Tucci, Antoinette
  269. Tucci, Sara
  270. Urena, Manuel
  271. Valcin, Geralda
  272. Vaughan, Melissa
  273. Van Brussel, Michelle
  274. Villegas, Maria
  275. Velazquez, Hector
  276. Wagner, Jason
  277. Waslawski, James
  278. Walsh, Fred
  279. Walsh, Stacy
  280. Weinstein, Michael
  281. White, Rushell
  282. Williams, Dionne
  283. Williams, Edele
  284. Williams, Melanie
  285. Winnicki, Alicja
  286. Yallowitz, Meri
  287. Zirin, Ronald


  1. Another point I would like to make (and this is perhaps the strongest reason why I would so adamantly discourage people from working under the leadership of Ganesh is simply the length that this man is willing to go to in order to fulfill his agenda. It’s commonplace to hear stories about administrators going after staff who disagree with them, or argue with them, or question them, or file complaints, etc…but this man will without hesitation go after the people on his side who are actually loyal to him if he feels that he has to do that to get where he needs to be!!! I’ve witnessed it happen.

  2. Another point I would like to make (and this is perhaps the strongest reason why I would so adamantly discourage people from working under the leadership of Ganesh is simply the length that this man is willing to go to in order to fulfill his agenda. It’s commonplace to hear stories about administrators going after staff who disagree with them, or argue with them, or question them, or file complaints, etc…but this man will without hesitation go after the people on his side who are actually loyal to him if he feels that he has to do that to get where he needs to be!!! I’ve witnessed it happen.

    • Juan Mendez, Luis Santiago,need to be put on the list. They are the absolute worst. They are an embarrassment to the education system.

  3. I nominate A.P.Ellen Campeas of the H.S. of Health Careers & Sciences. Defensive and vindictive; targeted me. She was buddy-buddies with the last Principal, but ask the new Principal (Trejo) what he thinks of her.

  4. Are submissions to this list still being taken? I have a couple I’d consider adding.

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    • Amanda Lazerson of IS 162K is a horribly abusive principal. She illegally excessed a 20+ year veteran so that her friend from her temple who was a new teacher could have a job. She went after the UFT chapter leader with phony 3020a charges, and despite all the evidence that he was a superior teacher, the hearing officer terminated him. Now she’s targeting the new chapter leader. She illegally changed the school to a 16 period schedule, and despite the fact that the staff refused to SBO it, says she could do it anyway. She has targeted veteran teachers ever since her reign of terror began. The District 32 superintendent, Sheila Gorski, refuses to believe any of the complaints, and makes up excuses, like “Maybe they weren’t tech savvy.” Both Amanda Lazerson and Sheila Gorski must go.

  6. Can comments be turned on for the new additions? I have some information I’d like to add for some of these but didn’t see a comment box.

  7. Please please please send Koza that email.

  8. Can we nominate Assistant Principals? I have a doozy.

  9. I nominate Doris Lee, principal of Village Academy in Far Rockaway.

    This principal has been instated for 10 years at the school and has had a revolving door of teacher employment because of the terrible work conditions. All teachers are asked to smile and if they do not are reprimanded for it. If you disagree with any thing and make the mistake of voicing that opinion you are met with hostility and unjustified disciplinary action. She micromanages every single subject areas curriculum and grading but hasn’t actually provided a curriculum to begin with. If you are sick or have to be out of work on a Monday or a Friday she immediately accuses you of extending your weekend and threatens disciplinary action. She is so negative that not ONE substitute in two years has come to the school. She also claims that there is no money in the budget EVERY year. Even the current one where the school was invited to be apart of the Bronx Plan collaborative. She has teachers that have worked with her since the school opened who she doesn’t respect or consider effective. The UFT representative is in bed with the principal so teachers are unable to complain or go to him for actual protection or advice. The UFT rep is given privileges and leadership positions from the principal to continue pushing her agenda and not that of his colleagues and is used often for this principals agenda.

    • 100% agree. Zero support given to any teachers, especially new ones. classrooms micromanaged and no real curriculum support given. ZERO positive feedback. When asked what disciplinary procedures are for the start of the school year, there is no real answer given – because there are none!
      A first year teacher was discontinued – not because he was a bad teacher (he received an effective rating) but because his position was not available in the school any more and D.r Lee refused to do the extra paperwork to have him let go without any mark on his name, stating it was the only option for her to do.
      She is a horrific leader

  10. I nominate Andrea Story of PS 129 John H Finley. The woman is woefully incompetent and extremely unprofessionally. She uses the word “retarded” and harassed both teachers and students.

  11. I nominate Melitina Hernandez of PS129 Mahalia Jackson in Harlem ,
    For cruel and inhumane punishment to Veteran Teachers and teachers with disabilities.

  12. Nominate Lisa Velazquez PS112. A dear friend of A. Estrella. She bully and intimidates tenured and non tenured teachers. Estrella and her friends are ruining what’s left of District 4.

  13. Principal Accardi of Flushing High School is a living disaster. When he was on the rehiring committee back in 2018 he rehired developing teachers over effective teachers. He also rehired based on how many students you passed. He hired almost all new teaches and some real losers while many good teachers were sent to the ATR pool. He wants young untenured teachers who will do whatever he tells them. Now the school’s Regents scores have dropped. He inflated the graduation rate by giving out free credits, not allowing any teacher to give below 55 for any grade even if the student didn’t do an assignment or if it was plagiarized and he signed off on over 100 appeals for failing Regents grades. He also makes APs give out handouts and has the APs grade them to help make up credits. The increase in graduation rate is bogus. He just had to justify hiring all those lousy teachers.

  14. The principal from MS 158, Henry Schandel, should be added to this list from Bayside. There’s an overall lack of discipline at the school. It’s as if he’s afraid to enforce discipline at the school, & the kids know it. He rarely suspends any students nor keeps parents informed of anything. Poor leadership!!

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