UFT Members Resort to Emailing HELP@UFTSOLIDARITY.ORG

Approximately a year ago, we created help@uftsolidarity.org. An email sent to that address is forwarded to over a dozen UFT Solidarity members. Read More

Moving Forward After UFT Election 

The results are in, and for those of us in opposition very little went as we had hoped. Voter turnout for the 2016 … Read More

UFT SOLIDARITY General Meeting!!

Are you a UFT member who wants more? Needs more? Wants a stronger union? Find out how you can get support and give support where support is needed. We are building a stronger union. Come to our meeting and leave stronger.

The UFT Solidarity Caucus, founded in 2014, is a … Read More

Fight Workplace Bullying at the DOE. File an Article 23 Harassment Complaint on the 23rd of the Month


Part of UFT Solidarity’s mission statement is to combat workplace bullying and harassment. This not only helps our fellow UFT members, but … Read More

Community says “Enough!” and Rallies to Remove an Abusive Administrator

What effect does a poor educational leader have on a school? On students? On a community?

What standards are NYC DOE principals held to? At what point does the chancellor’s office say enough?

Come join a coalition of educators from UFT Solidarity Caucus, New Action, Don’t Tread on Educators, parents … Read More

Announcement of Solidarity Caucus to UFT Executive Board


Since there were no responses from UFT leadership, acknowledging Solidarity Caucus,  Francesco Portelos went to the UFT Executive Board meeting in person to notify them.

Great change is coming…

From: info@solidaritycaucus.orgSolidarity Caucus
Date: Sep … Read More