Teacher Terminated for Raising Special Ed Concerns at Richmond Hill HS Requests Support Wed. Oct 14

What happens when you raise concerns that your students are not getting the services they need and you are not tenured? You get terminated. That is what happened to a teacher at Richmond Hill High School in Queens. Soon after raising concerns she was immediately rated ineffective by Principal Neil Ganesh… Read More

Tale of a whistleblower…

I am one of the whistleblower teachers who has been targeted for speaking up for my students’ rights!!! I was retaliated against because my students’ IEPs were being violated and I would not allow it! I went from a teacher with nothing lower than a few developing marks on observations… Read More

Rally Against Superintendent Aimee Horowitz: A Common Denominator in “Fixing” Schools.

Superintendent Aimee Horowitz and Chancellor Farina

Taking a page out of Bloomberg’s school governance handbook, Principals under Superintendent Aimee Horowitz are permitted to fudge grades in a variety of ways: credit recovery, Regents “scrubbing”, falsified attendance reports, and a “free 55” for zero work completed. As evidenced by the latest cheating scandals, these practices have been… Read More