UFT SOLIDARITY General Meeting!!

Are you a UFT member who wants more? Needs more? Wants a stronger union? Find out how you can get support and give support where support is needed. We are building a stronger union. Come to our meeting and leave stronger.

The UFT Solidarity Caucus, founded in 2014, is a … Read More

Tale of a whistleblower…


I am one of the whistleblower teachers who has been targeted for speaking up for my students’ rights!!! I was retaliated against because my students’ IEPs were being violated … Read More

NYC Educator Groups Rally in Solidarity to Support Hundreds Unfairly Fired Teachers

Fired for what reason? One asked for mentoring. Another asked for necessary curriculum. Another exposed that children weren’t being serviced properly. Many others raised concerns about violence in their schools. The stories keep pouring in with one being worse than the other. Read More