Retired UFT Teacher Fact Checks Chancellor Fariña’s Letter to NY Post

Chancellor Fariña responded to a NY Post Editorial, about schools failing, with the letter below.  While UFT Solidarity doesn’t categorizes our schools as failure factories, we do work hard to try and address the existing issues that are obstacles in educating our students. Unfortunately, Mayor de Blasio and his pick… Read More

[UPDATE] Troubled John Jay Campus Secondary School of Journalism to Rally Wed. Sept 16th

Below is the original post we published on the Secondary School of Journalism. Since then we attended a rally and it was reported on here: Park Slope High School Is in ‘Chaos’ Amid DOE Mismanagement … DNAinfo–Sep 17, 2015 PARK SLOPE — A Park Slope high school has started the academic …… Read More

Rally Against Superintendent Aimee Horowitz: A Common Denominator in “Fixing” Schools.

Superintendent Aimee Horowitz and Chancellor Farina

Taking a page out of Bloomberg’s school governance handbook, Principals under Superintendent Aimee Horowitz are permitted to fudge grades in a variety of ways: credit recovery, Regents “scrubbing”, falsified attendance reports, and a “free 55” for zero work completed. As evidenced by the latest cheating scandals, these practices have been… Read More